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Body Shape Calculator – Find Out Your Body Shape in Minutes

It might just surprise you.

Last Updated on September 14, 2023

If you’ve ever wondered whether you’re a triangle, inverted triangle, apple, pear or hourglass, you might want to use this incredible body shape calculator to find out. Like you, I’ve wanted to know exactly what body shape I have for years. You might have heard the phrase “you’re not supposed to fit your clothes; your clothes are supposed to fit you.” I completely agree with this, and knowing your shape can help you work out which clothes will feel the most comfortable and best-fitting quickly and easily. While there are plenty of different body shape measurements today (like the Kibbe test), perhaps the five best-known are those I’ve already mentioned.

Understanding a thing or two about your body won’t hurt you. In fact, this could help you dress accordingly. More than being thin, athletic, or voluminous, body types come in different sizes, compositions, and proportions. By using a body shape calculator, you’ll get to know the waist-to-hip ratio of your physique. Are you heavier at the bottom or at the top? This can be really helpful when shopping, as you’ll know what shapes and sizes to get more clearly.

So what is the body shape calculator and how do you use it? This method is used by fashion designer Bradley Bayou, who uses a science called Anthropometry to measure the body. It helps you to dress to create perfect proportions and the calculator helps by measuring the chest, hip, high hip, and waist to determine your body type accurately. Here, I’ll guide you through the process.

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How to use a body shape calculator

Before doing all the measuring, the first step is to gather your tools. You’ll need a measuring tape, mirror, and tight-fitting clothing or better yet, wear underwear. Now, onto the fun part…

  1. Measure your shoulders. Since it needs to be accurate, you might want to ask a loved one for help taking this measurement. To do this, start by placing the measuring tape at the tip of one shoulder and wrap it all the way around you, until the tape reaches the original shoulder. It should be high up, not at arm-level.
  2. Next, you’ll need to measure the bust. Wear a well-fitting bra and stand up straight. Wrap the measuring tape straight across your back and across the fullest part of your bust. Make sure the tape isn’t too tight or too loose. You can use a mirror to make sure the tape is sitting in the correct place all around.
  3. Next, measure the waist. Ensure you’re relaxed, not sucking in your tummy and wrap the measuring tape evenly around the smallest part of your waist, right above your belly button.
  4. Now the hips. Measure the widest part of your hips, located below your hip bone, often across the fullest part of your buttocks.
  5. Next, you need to input the measurements into the below body shape calculator. The result will include the body shape and the waist-hip ratio.
  6. Now that you know your accurate body shape, you can do research on what types of clothing and styles are more suitable based on your body shape.
Body Shape Calculator

Are body shape calculators accurate?

Although it’s not 100 percent accurate, the body shape calculator is the closest thing you can get to measuring what type of physique you have. You can attempt to gauge the body shape by eye, but this can sometimes be inaccurate. Using the calculator can help you classify your body shape to find out what kind of clothes that often suit your shape, and those that might not. Regardless of the results, we encourage you to wear what makes you feel comfortable and confident.

What are the 5 main body types?


Also known as the athletic or boyish body type, someone with a rectangle body type has a waist to hip to shoulder measurements that are very close in size. The hips and shoulders are very close in size, the bust measurement is very close to the waist measurement and the waist is a similar size to your hips and bust, although it can be up to 25% smaller.


The hourglass shape is often defined by a small waist, at least 25% smaller than the hips and bust. The hips are rounded, and the bust measurements are usually within half an inch of the hips.

Pear Shape

Women with pear shapes tend to have an upper body smaller than their lower body. This means that the shoulders are smaller than the hips, and the bust measurement is smaller than that of the hip.

Inverted Triangle

Opposite to a pear shape, an inverted triangle has wider shoulders than the waist and hips, hence being compared to an upside-down triangle. The waist isn’t as well defined as other body shapes, but the shoulder line is well defined.


Women with an apple shape have shoulders and hips the same size, but the waist is larger than the hips. Celebrities with this kind of body shape include Amy Schumer, Queen Latifah and Kate Winslet.

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