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By Rotation Review: I’ve Been Renting Out My Wardrobe On By Rotation For Years – This is What You Need to Know

The good and the bad.

Last Updated on August 14, 2023

Nervous about renting out your wardrobe on By Rotation? I’ve been lending my wardrobe on the rental app for years and here, I’m sharing everything you need to know. If you have a selection of mid-range or designer pieces in your wardrobe, you might be sitting on a goldmine. Some people report making thousands by lending out their clothes on By Rotation, and I can attest that it’s helped me make my money back on countless items and add a hefty sum to my savings. But I also understand why you’d be nervous to send your precious dresses off to someone you’ve never met. What if they get damaged or worse, lost in the post?

While I can’t speak for everyone, I can say that I’ve had mostly good experiences using the app. I’ve never personally rented out an item to wear myself, but if you’re looking to make some extra cash, I can definitely share my experiences with you. Keep reading for everything you need to know.

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What does By Rotation do?

By Rotation (BR) is a peer-to-peer marketplace, that allows lenders to rent out their wardrobes to renters through the app. This is great for both parties, as the lender can make money from renting out their item and the renter can wear a beautiful item of clothing without having to pay the hefty designer price tag. There are over 70,000 pieces available to rent through the platform, so you’re not short of choice.

BR take 15% commission on all rentals and fast fashion brands aren’t allowed on the app. For pieces that are a UK size 16 and above, there are fewer restrictions on what can be listed though to ‘promote inclusivity’ on the platform.

You can download BR on the Apple App Store and the Google Play store.

How to rent out your wardrobe on By Rotation

To rent out a piece of clothing, firstly you need to download the app, register and verify your account. Then you can start renting!

Click List, and List an Item to get started. You’ll need to add up to four pictures (ideally of you wearing the item) and enter all the details, like the category, product type, colour, brand and prices. BR only allows items that retail at over £75, and they will offer price tips for how much you should be charging to rent out the specific item (shown below). Then enter the item title and description, as well as relevant hashtags and click Next. You’ll then need to send off your item for review, and once it’s approved, it will be listed on the BR app.

by rotation pricing

Then you’ll (hopefully) start receiving requests to rent your item out, which you can accept or decline. Renters may request to collect the item directly from you, or you can post the item (which the renter will pay for). I recommend using a reliable and trustworthy courier with insurance. I use Royal Mail Special Delivery and have never had any issues. Make sure your item arrives with the renter by the first rental day at the latest. Once the rental is complete, your item will be posted back to you and it’s your job to clean the item for the next rental.

If you’re away or plan to wear the dress, you can also put your items in ‘holiday mode,’ which will remove your listings for a set period.

How to get paid on By Rotation

Once your rental is completed, you can confirm the completion of the rental on the BR app. The payment will appear in your bank account between 8-10 days after the completion of the rental, so you’ll need to make sure your bank details are completed correctly in the app.

by rotation rentals

What if it doesn’t fit?

If someone rents out your item and it doesn’t fit them, it’s down to you to whether you want to offer a refund or not. However it’s also down to you to ensure that the sizing is listed correctly. It’s worth including as much sizing information as possible.

BR recommends issuing a full refund minus the postage and cleaning fee if the renter sends the item back on the same day to the lender via Next Day Delivery after they’ve let you know the situation. If the renter feels the sizing or style has been misrepresented, they can raise a ticket with BR.

What happens if the item is damaged?

If an item is damaged, BR will help facilitate your reimbursement for the cost of repair. If it’s damaged beyond repair, the renter will be required to reimburse you for the full estimated market value of the item or to replace it.

An item I recently rented out was damaged, and the renter actually got the item repaired for me. I received it back good as new, and she took on the cost of the repair. Luckily I wasn’t planning to wear the item in the meantime and I didn’t receive a rental request either.

By Rotation review

I’ve been using BR since 2021, and for the most-part it’s been smooth sailing. I find the app really easy to use and everyone I’ve spoken to on the app has been really lovely. In total, I’ve completed 50 rentals and have made over £1,250, which is a 56% return on investment. This has been super handy extra income, which I never expected to receive when I bought these clothes.

by rotation lenter activity

But I also need to be honest about the few issues I’ve had. I’ve had one item damaged through a rental and it was fully repaired before being returned, which was no problem at all. One item was also held onto for days longer than the rental period, which made me panic. I raised a ticket with BR and it was soon returned in perfect condition.

I always use Royal Mail Special Delivery to send an item, and I detail the extra cost in my listings. This is usually between £8 and £13, so it’s definitely on the costly side but it keeps my items safe and means they’re fully insured. Recently a renter returned an item to me via BR’s own delivery service, which I believe has been recently introduced. Long story short, it got lost in June 2023 and BR had to fully reimburse me for the cost of the item. In early August, they then contacted me to tell me it had been recovered and I’m awaiting its return. This process was really upsetting, as I adore this item and it required a lot of back and forth with BR but I’m super happy that they managed to find it.

I’ll definitely still continue to use BR, but if there are specific items that hold a lot of sentimental value, I recommend being cautious. I now ask all my renters to return the items via Special Delivery early on, and it’s worth checking their reviews too.

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