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Can You Wear Jeans in Summer? A Fashion Writer’s Guide to Keeping Cool in Denim

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Last Updated on August 21, 2023

Wondering whether you can wear jeans in summer? I’m here to help! During the warmer months, you’d probably rather wear a sun dress than a tight-fitting pair of jeans, but for some denim is a comfort blanket. If you’d rather cover up than wear a mini-skirt, you’re not alone. A survey by Boots in 2019 found that 76% of women didn’t take part in summer activities like going to the beach or a festival because they felt self-conscious, while 45% of women in the UK are worried about showing their bodies during exercise, according to new research by This Girl Can.

While you might not want to wear jeans to work out, it’s clear that showing skin can leave some of us feeling uncomfortable. But for some, it seems impractical to wear denim in the scorching heat. So what’s the deal? Is it acceptable or not? If you’re wondering whether or not to wear yours, keep reading as I’ll include tips and tricks to have fuss-free hot days in denim pants.

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Can I wear jeans in summer? 

Of course you can wear jeans in the summer! You can wear whatever you want, provided you’re comfortable – but there are a few things to consider to avoid getting too hot in your denim. Check the style and fit. For warmer days, it’s best to opt for looser-fitting denims like wide-leg or flared jeans rather than tight-fitting skinny styles. These will feel even tighter and sweatier on hot days. Plus, looser-fitting styles are trending. Win, win!

Make sure they’re not too tight, as clothes always feel stickier in the heat. Our body expands too, which is why rings often feel so much tighter on hot days. If your jeans are too tight to begin with, they’ll be even more uncomfortable in the summer.

Can I wear skinny jeans in the summer?

While they’re easy to wear, you can let your skinny jeans rest for a while, especially this summer. As mentioned, try switching to loose-fitting denims for a more comfortable and breezy fit. If skinny jeans are your thing, make sure they’re not too tight around your legs and waist, You can also pair yours with a tank top, linen blouse, ballet flats, or sandals so you don’t overheat. It’s really all about the styling.

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Can you wear dark jeans in the summer?

As you probably know, dark hues and black attracts the heat so will leave you feeling much warmer than if you wear lighter colours. So while it’s perfectly fine to wear dark jeans in summer, you might want to choose lighter washes if you feel the heat. If you choose to go with darker wash denim, pair it with a light coloured top like pastels, neutrals or whites and make sure they’re made of breathable fabrics, like linen and cotton.

When should you not wear jeans?

Jeans are a seasonless fashion staple, so you can almost always wear them. However it’s best to steer clear at formal events, like job interviews, weddings or any occasions where the dress code is smart, such as formal dinners or cocktail parties. They’re a great daytime item, but it’s best to choose tailored trousers or dresses for evening events.

What to wear for summer

What you wear in summer is completely down to you, but summer friendly outfits tend to be summer dresses, shorts, skirts and short-sleeved tops. Opt for breathable fabrics, like linen, cotton, terrycloth and silk. Avoid fabrics like polyester, rayon, leather and fleece as these aren’t breathable and will cause you to sweat.

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