Does Zara Do Discount Codes?

Can you save any money on Zara?

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of finding an item that makes you feel like you. Getting it at a discount? That’s something else. I’ve been eyeing a bunch of Zara items (as I’m sure you have too) and trying to find discount codes to save some pennies.

If you’re interested to know what I found out, I’m laying it all out here.

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Zara Cardigan

Where can you find Zara discount codes?

I don’t want to be the bearer of bad news. Still, after researching everywhere and waiting for updates on their newsletter and social media accounts, I’ve learned that much to my disappointment, Zara doesn’t offer discount codes. 

While that’s unfortunate, we can still get our hands on Zara pieces with up to 50% discount through the brand’s sales.

Does Zara have sales?

Yes, the brand also periodically puts some of its items on sale. Zara is known for only having seasonal sales and major events like Black Friday, unlike most other brands that have sales throughout the year.

The best way to determine when they will happen is by signing up for their newsletter – if you haven’t already.

They also have a dedicated “Special Prices” tab for pieces on clearance! Currently, clothes and accessories are discounted by up to 70%. They often last until supplies do. Here are a few pieces you may want to snap up now.

Buy now

Red Satin Shirt Zara

Satin Shirt, £17.99 – buy now

Poplin Midi Dress

Poplin Midi Dress, £22.99 – buy now

Faux Suede Jacket With Belt

Faux Suede Jacket With Belt, £25.99 – buy now

Mini Bag With Beaded Handle

Mini Bag With Beaded Handle, £19.99 – buy now

Trousers With Lined Belt

Trousers With Lined Belt, £17.99 – buy now