Believe it or Not, Zara Has an Outlet

Their best kept secret.

Last Updated on May 23, 2023

The Zara sale is possibly the most exciting discount event of the year, mainly because it’s so rare to be given money off from the brand – but did you know the brand has an outlet store?

Me neither, but I’m so glad I discovered it. Pretty much Zara’s best-kept secret, the outlet sells the brand’s excess last season stock at lower prices. Leftovers, if you will. That’s exactly what it’s named after anyway, as the store’s name is Lefties.

Fun fact: it’s not a new thing! The Inditex brand opened its first Lefties store in 1993, so it might even be older than some of you. 

So where is it, what can you find in there and where does it ship?

Here’s everything you need to know.

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Where is the Zara outlet?

The first few Lefties stores opened in Spain, which is perhaps unsurprising as Zara is a Spanish brand.

Over the years however, it has also opened up branches in Tunisia, Mexico, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Israel, Egypt and Portugal. 

Unfortunately there isn’t one in the UK, nor are there plans to open one.

model wearing pieces from Zara

How many outlets does Zara have?

Lefties currently has 135 stores. The brand also has an online store, but it sadly only caters to the countries that have brick and mortar stores. 

What can you get from Lefties?

Lefties offers everything Zara does, including clothing, sportswear, underwear, shoes and even homeware.

The only difference is that the products are not strictly ‘new.’ Like all outlets they are previous season’s releases, offered at about 30% cheaper than what can currently be found in Zara.

In 2014, the brand was also rebranded to rival H&M and Primark. The main goal was to produce pieces that are similar to the ones available at Zara but 30% cheaper.

The brand hired new designers, pattern-makers and buyers for this move, which has seen quite a success.

If you can’t order from or visit a Lefties, you can still get Zara items at discounted prices – and no, you don’t need to wait for the once-in-a-blue-moon Zara sales

Zara has a special prices section online, where all its discounted items sit. The brand may keep it on the DL, but it’s nothing that a little sleuthing can’t fix. Learn everything you need to know about this secret section here.

Does Zara have a sales section?

Yes, online Zara has a “Special Prices” section where you’ll find clothing for every occasion, from dresses to coats and shoes—all at discounts up to 60% off.

Zara doesn’t usually advertise when they have sales, so the best way to know when their next sale is approaching is by signing up for the newsletter—they will send out an email alerting customers of upcoming sales.

If you want to find the best discounts in the store, Marie Claire shared a shopping hack article it mentioned that you can grab awesome bargains at the back of the store or rack.

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When is the best time to shop at Zara?

When shopping you would want to avoid crowds and long queues, so the morning is the best time to shop at their store. There will be fresh stock, no long lines for the dressing rooms, and you have more time to browse around.

When does the next Zara sale start?

The upcoming Zara summer sale in 2023 is set to follow the tradition of previous years, typically happens around the third week of June.

For further details, you can find more information here: When Does the Zara Sale Start in 2023?