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How to Find Product Code on Uniqlo Clothes

Looking for a specific Uniqlo item? This will help.

Last Updated on August 9, 2023

Do you need to find the product code on your Uniqlo top, dress or pair of trousers? As a seasoned Uniqlo shopper, I’m here to help. The product code of an item is basically the unique identifier, that can be looked up online and within Uniqlo’s own systems. It sometimes comes in the form of a barcode along with numerals and characters that refer to a specific item. There are many reasons you might need to know the product code of a specific item. Perhaps you want to return it, or you might be looking for a specific item online and want to know the product code to try to find it. There’s no need to ask for a sales assistant to help you find it; instead I’ll give you some tips to make your shopping experience easier.

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How do I find the product code for an item at Uniqlo? 

Uniqlo’s product code is a 6-digit number used to identify their products. You can check it on the price tag as well as the item tag on the actual product. You’ll see a super long number on the tag, but the product code is the 6-digit number that follows a 3-digit number. It sounds very confusing, but Uniqlo has made it clear, below:

Uniqlo Product Code Sample
Uniqlo Product Code Sample
Uniqlo Official Website

How do I search by item code at Uniqlo?

Now that you have Uniqlo’s product code, you can search for it on the website or through the app by entering the product number or product name on the search bar at the top of the screen. Tap ‘What are you looking for?’ and simply key in the product name or number. It should bring up the product you’re looking for, if it’s still available.

Another way is to scan the barcode attached to the item by clicking the scan icon at the bottom of the app screen. You simply scan the barcode, and the item will appear. If the scan feature cannot read the barcode, you can enter the number displayed under the barcode.

How do I find product in Uniqlo website?

The quickest way to find products is through Uniqlo’s website or app. You can either enter a description that matches the item you’re looking for, scan the barcode or enter the product code, as explained above. However another option is to contact Uniqlo through their online customer support, ensuring you also have the product code. Chances are that if you can’t find it online, it’s sold out.

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