Where to Find the Product Code on Zara Clothing

Looking for a specific item? This will make it easier.

Trying to find a specific item in a Zara store? It might make your life easier if you know where to find the Zara product codes and how to use them.

Searching ‘shirt with sequins’ on the brand’s website will give you a dozen choices, but not the specific item you’re looking for.

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If you want to find a specific item in the Zara store, the sales assistant may ask for a product code so they can check if it’s available in-store or online.

Zara model wearing gathered linen blend dress - Zara dress

If you don’t know the code, it will be much harder to find it in their system. Knowing where the Zara product code is can definitely save you a lot of time.

A Zara product code can tell you the availability of an item in-store or online. It can also provide the number of items in a certain size and more.

When shopping, taking a photo of the price tag with the product code is helpful for looking up the item later. But where exactly can you find a Zara product code?

Scroll down to know where you can find them and other ways you can keep track of your favorite items.

Where can you find the Zara product code?

I’m not the only one having a hard time finding the product codes, thanks to this Reddit thread I now know that it’s printed on the fabric tag.

You just need to look for a 4-digit number followed by a forward-slash (/), then a 3-digit number. You can go to any Zarastore and give a sales assistant the specific Zara product code, or you can do it yourself on their website.

However it is important to note that the stock system may not always be accurate due to factors such as stolen items, missing items, or damage caused by other customers.

Zara model wearing the linen-blend corsetry-inspired dress - Zara dress

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How do I save something on the Zara website?

The wish list feature allows you to save your favourite items in one place by clicking on the bookmark icon. You can remove items from the list at any time using the ‘edit’ button.

It’s important to note that adding items to your wish list does not guarantee their availability.

What do the symbols mean on Zara tags?

Last year, a video from the TikTok account Officially_ Outfits went viral for claiming that the shapes you see on Zara labels are codes for the brand’s sizes.

According to them, a grey square indicates that the item is true to size, while a triangle symbol suggests that the item runs small. A circle shape on the label has been suggested to mean that the item runs large.

However this has been proven to be false. A spokesperson for the brand told Metro that these symbols reference specific collections – Woman, Basic, and TRF.