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How to Wear Jeans With Sneakers – 5 Outfit Ideas For 2023

It's all about proportions.

Last Updated on September 14, 2023

Wondering how to style jeans with sneakers? It’s a tried and true outfit that never fails, but styling denim and trainers isn’t always easy. The unrivalled combination is probably the most worn duo in a woman’s wardrobe, but it’s all about getting the proportions right. There are more styles of jeans now than you can shake a stick at. Mom, skinny, 90s, boyfriend, low rise, high waist, roll ups…I could go on. The list is seemingly endless, and it’s a similar story for trainers.

So it really isn’t as simple as it sounds. Each style of pants offers a distinctive look and it certainly isn’t one size fits all. It’s a matter of trial and error, but it can’t hurt to have some ideas in your back pocket. So I’ve put together five sneakers and jeans outfit ideas to inspire you, working with baggy, straight-leg, low-rise, flared and roll-ups, as well as some of your most-loved sneakers like adidas Samba’s, chunky styles and dad sneakers.

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Do jeans go with sneakers?

Yes, absolutely. Most sneakers go well with different styles and shades of denim, but it depends on the type of footwear and style of pants you are wearing. For instance, cropped jeans don’t work well with chunky shoes because they will make the legs shorter. Instead go for simple high-tops like Chuck Taylors or sleek leather shoes like Vejas. 

Play with proportions and see which combination works best for you, or if you want some clearer answers, keep reading for some more specific outfit ideas.

How to wear jeans with sneakers

Just like our clothes, sneakers are also evolving. There are now hundreds of popular styles to choose from, like sustainable trainers from Veja, the exceedingly popular adidas Samba’s and Nike’s Air Force 1s. Denim and sneakers have always been a perfect styling combination, but below I’m sharing a few pointers to help you find the best pairings for you.

Straight-Leg Jeans & High-Top Sneakers

Woman wears high top sneakers and straight leg jeans at copenhagen fashion week

This combination is no fail. Just add a little something to spice up the look. You can try incorporating a colourful bag for that pop of colour or an oversized blazer to balance out your outfit and make it look chic.

Wide-Leg Pants & Chunky Sneakers

Woman wears wide-leg pants and chunky sneakers

Another no-brainer styling combination is wide-leg pants and chunky sneakers. If you are over dad shoes, go for New Balance 608V1s or Nike Air Max 90s for that simple and retro look.

Low Rise Baggy Jeans & Dad Shoes

woman wears low rise baggy jeans and dad sneakers at fashion week

If you tempted to hop on the resurgence of Y2K style but don’t want to look like Paris Hilton circa 2000, try the more subtle look of low rise jeans and dad sneakers. You can team them with something super casual, like an interesting baby tee or statement jacket to tie the whole look together.

Flared Jeans & Your Go-To Sneakers

woman wears flared jeans and adidas sambas at fashion week

Wearing flared jeans works well with most sneakers, whether they’re athletic, canvas, or chunky sneakers. It gives off that sporty yet stylish vibe.

Roll Ups & Colourful Sneakers

woman wears roll up jeans with sneakers at lfw

If you’re not into baggy jeans, fear not. Opt for straight leg roll ups and team them with a pair of sporty, colourful trainers. Add a smart coat to round off the outfit nicely.

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