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Is London Fashion Week cancelled?

Is London Fashion Week 2021 cancelled? Here we go through everything we know so far.

Last Updated on August 20, 2021

London Fashion Week is one of the first dates in the calendar for those in the fashion industry, as well as events in New York, Paris and Milan – but is it still happening in September this year?

The restrictions have eased in the UK since the vaccine rollout as proved successful, while travel restrictions to and from the EU and US have also relaxed.

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So is London Fashion Week 2021 cancelled? Here we go through everything we know so far.

London Fashion Week: When is London Fashion Week 2021?
C/o British Fashion Council

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When is London Fashion Week 2021?

The next London Fashion Week will take place from 17th – 21st September 2021.

You can read more about when London Fashion Week 2021 is set to take place right here.

Is London Fashion Week 2021 cancelled?

Now that restrictions have eased, September 2021’s event will start returning to normal.

Many designers will present physical shows this season, with just a handful opting for digital events, including Halpern and Vivienne Westwood.

This follows on from February’s London Fashion Week event, which was digital first.

London Fashion Week: Men’s was originally scheduled for January 2021, but this was cancelled and absorbed into the women’s collection showcases that took place in February too.

London Fashion Week: Who are the designers to watch at London Fashion Week?
Shrimps c/o British Fashion Council

‘When we launched London Collections: Men in June 2012, which then became London Fashion Week Men’s, we were responding to an industry need and to the necessity to have a platform for British men’s wear designers,’ said Dylan Jones, the BFC’s men’s wear chair.

‘A lot has changed since then, and this year’s pandemic made us all rethink the current system in place.

‘We are confident that this move will help designers reach more people via the digital London Fashion Week platform, while still allowing them to do business as early as January without the deadline of a show.’

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London Fashion Week 2021: Fashion seasons explained

How do I get tickets for London Fashion Week?

In normal circumstances, you need to either be invited or apply for a ticket.

To apply, you need to visit the London Fashion Week website, choose the designer you hope to watch and accompany this with an email to state your case on why you should attend.

However as some events are set to be streamed online, you can simply tune in from the comfort of your own home. Read more about how to watch LFW here.

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London Fashion Week: When is London Fashion Week 2021?
Molly Goddard, c/o British Fashion Council

Wear Next Opinion: When the cancellation of the Men’s London Fashion Week show was announced, there was a growing sense that the Covid-19 virus was starting to come under control.

That was rocked in December, as fears of a new strain gripped the UK. More than 40 countries shut their borders and Britain went into another national lockdown.

Despite much of the country being vaccinated, holding LFW still comes at a risk. It’s encouraging that many shows will be digital, much like the event in June and September last year – which proved you don’t need to be there in person to fully appreciate the creative genius we long to see.

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