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Is London Fashion Week Festival still running?

London Fashion Week Festival has been a fixture of LFW for over 20 years.

London Fashion Week may be an exclusive event, but London Fashion Week Festival is open to the public and has been ever since its launch in 1998 – but is it still running in 2021?

Those who love fashion are able to join in the fun by buying tickets to the festival and enjoying catwalk shows, industry talks and much more.

Here, we explain what has happened to the event and whether it’s still running.

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Is London Fashion Week Festival still running?

The last time London Fashion Week took place was February 2020.

Previously known as London Fashion Weekend, London Fashion Week festival usually offers two ticketed runway shows, which last year cost £135.00 for standard entry and £245.00 for a spot in the front row.

The festival sees a city-wide celebration of fashion and takes place over the period of ten days twice a year in February and September at The Store Studios, 180 Strand.

Will London Fashion Week take place in February 2021?

The festival didn’t take place in September 2020 or February this year as LFW was largely digital, with many shows being live streamed rather than taking place physically.

This will be the case again in June 2021 as the coronavirus pandemic continues, but the “digital first” event will see the collections live streamed and digital events taking place too.

For more information, head to londonfashionweekfestival.com/

Read how to tune in here.

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