What Does SS23 Mean in fashion?

And what styles are trending?

Last Updated on February 3, 2023

Unless you work in the fashion industry, you might not know what SS23 means. No judgement here.

SS23 stands for spring summer 2023 and refers to the season in the fashion calendar where designers and retailers present their spring summer collections. They’re typically shown during September and set the tone for the trends and styles for the season.

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Fashion terms can be intimidating and confusing for a lot of people. Once you understand them, it becomes a lot easier to navigate your way through the jargon.

woman wearing an oversized pinstripe blazer, blue water-colour print button up, jeans with a white belt, and blue water-colour print knee high boots
Deborah Iona, British Fashion Council

Let us break the terms down for you and explain what trends you can expect to see for SS23.

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What do SS and AW mean in fashion?

SS and AW are abbreviations of spring summer and autumn winter. These refer to the two main seasons in fashion.

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When do the fashion seasons run?

Fashion has four different seasons: spring summer, autumn winter (fall if you’re from the US), Resort, and Pre-Fall. Usually, designers showcase their SS and FW collections during fashion week every year.

This is where it gets confusing: the name of the season doesn’t match when they’re released or shown at fashion week.

Stay with me! Spring summer usually starts in January and lasts until June, while the autumn winter season runs from July to December.

So how does this work? Why do they showcase winter clothes during warmer days and spring-appropriate outfits in January?

a woman wearing a leopard print jacket over a white button up dress
Deborah Iona, British Fashion Council

The designers set the trends, so showcasing their products early helps to inform fashion buyers and press of the trends for the season ahead. Fashion brands and retailers also need to be prepared for the influx of demand for new season pieces, so they ensure these are offered early.

However, brands and designers are starting to veer away from the traditional seasons, particularly since the pandemic.

What are the trends for SS23?

Spring summer 2023 is about pushing boundaries: more skin on show, bigger shapes, even more exaggerated silhouettes, and lower waists.

Expect to see a lot of sparkly sequins and 3D silhouettes, like maxi-ruffles and massive floral shapes.

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Y2K is also the latest nostalgic trend that’s taking over our wardrobes. Whether you love it or hate it, you’ll be seeing a lot of low-rise jeans, cargo pants, shiny jackets, and chunky platform sandals.

woman wearing a gown with delicate 3D flower details, street style london fashion week SS23
Deborah Iona, British Fashion Council

SS23 fashion week also saw a lot of waist-cinching corsets and lingerie-inspired designs. Fashion houses like Armani, Gucci, Valentino, Chanel, Dolce & Gabbana, and Saint Laurent embraced the sexy see-through look.

And if you thought summer is all about bright vibrant colours, this year is a little different. Fashion week saw all-black looks and even gothic gowns during SS23.