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What does VPL stand for?

What does VPL mean in fashion?

VPL can stand for a few different things, but what does it mean in fashion?

The term is widely used to talk about how underwear looks underneath clothes. Here, we take a closer look at the acronym and where it originates.

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What does VPL stand for?
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What does VPL mean?

VPL stands for visible panty line.

This refers to the outline of underwear showing through clothing, particularly obvious when the clothing is clingy or transparent.

Where does the term VPL originate?

According to Wikipedia, the origin is ‘probably traced to barracks humour’.

However there are claims that the phrase was popularised by Woody Allen’s infamous 1977 film Annie Hall.

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How can you avoid VPL?

It’s easy to avoid VPL.

Opt for thongs, g-strings or seamless knickers, or avoid clingy and transparent clothing.

Here, we’ve found some easy-to-wear options to avoid the dreaded VPL.

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