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Where to Buy Rabanne x H&M

The new collection is coming in November.

Last Updated on November 7, 2023

If you love Rabanne’s sequin dresses, you’ll have been just as excited as I was to hear about the brand’s upcoming collaboration with H&M, but where can you buy the upcoming collection? I’m sharing everything we know so far.

The high street brand recently announced the exciting new collaboration with the iconic luxury label best known for their ‘space age’ dresses first created by Paco Rabanne in the 1960s. While the brand’s sequin and embellished dresses usually cost upwards of £700, the high street collection will be much more affordable, allowing fans of the luxury label to get a piece of the (usually very expensive) pie.

The collab was announced with a star-studded party in Paris that saw stars including Ashley Graham, Cher, Tyga, Iris Law, Irina Shayk and Elle Fanning all celebrating the news in pieces from the upcoming collection. As expected, it features incredible sequin gowns, chainmail dresses and glitzy accessories that will be perfect for the office Christmas party come December.

As with all H&M collabs, the Rabanne collection certainly won’t stick around for long. So if you’re eyeing up a sequin gown for Christmas, you’ll need to know where to buy it come November. Below, I’m sharing where you can buy the collection. Next, read everything you need to know about Rabanne x H&M, as well as the predicted collection prices and the release date.

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Rabanne x H&M
Dave Bennett for H&M

Where to buy Rabanne x H&M

Rabanne x H&M will be available to buy from hm.com and in select stores. If you’re based in London, you’ll be glad to know this includes both Regent Street stores and Westfield Shepherd’s Bush store. Here’s which stores will stock Rabanne x H&M. There’s a colour-coded queue system for those buying in person.

After the collection sells out, you’ll be able to find it on reselling sites such as eBay, Depop and Vinted, but beware: the H&M collabs are often resold for up to four times their original prices as people aim to make money off the high street collection. If you can wait a while (I’m talking months, if not years), you’ll be able to find these pieces at a much lower price point. Your best bet is to get in the queue for the collection as early as you can on release day to avoid spending more than necessary.

Rabanne x H&M prices

The prices range from £64.99 each for the Intarsia dress and trousers, to £549.99 for the metal mesh midi dress. While this is obviously expensive, the majority of the collection sits at under £300, which is definitely much more affordable than Rabanne’s regular pieces.

Rabanne x H&M release date

Rabanne x H&M will be available to buy from November 9th, 2023. As with all of H&M’s designer collabs, this is expected to fly off the shelves. If you’re a big fan of Rabanne’s chainmail dresses and accessories, join the virtual queue early to avoid missing out.

Rabanne x H&M full lookbook and detailed prices

The full Rabanne x H&M lookbook has finally been released, as well as detailed prices.


Rabanne x H&M lookbook

Retro Floral Sleeveless Shirt, £59.99

Gold Sequin Maxi Skirt, £149.99

Paillette Bag, £139.99

Shimmering Metallic Cowboy Boots , £279.99

Rabanne x H&M lookbook

Paillette Dress, £229.99

Rabanne x H&M lookbook

Animal Print Mini Dress, £59.99

Appliquéd Track Jacket, £74.99

Rabanne x H&M lookbook

Embellished Chiffon Cape Top, £139.99

Lace Shorts , £27.99

Rabanne x H&M lookbook

Jersey Puff-Skirt Dress, £89.99

Rabanne x H&M lookbook

Fringed Metal-Mesh Skirt, £279.99

Disc-Embellished Shoulder Bag, £169.99

Embellished Jersey Top, £54.99

Rabanne x H&M lookbook

Sequined Flared-Skirt Dress , £279.99

Beaded Disc-Embellished Bangle , £54.99

Shimmering Metallic Strappy Sandals , £189.99

Rabanne x H&M lookbook

Fringed Metal-Mesh Headpiece, £169.99

Fringed Metal-Mesh Top, £229.99

Rabanne x H&M lookbook

Metal-Mesh Dress, £549.99

Beaded Disc-Embellished Earrings , £64.99

Rabanne x H&M lookbook

Fuzzy Coat, £279.99

Shimmering Metallic Tailored Trousers, £89.99

Embellished Mohair-Blend Cardigan, £119.99

Rabanne x H&M lookbook

Sequined Crop Top, £64.99

Sequined Flared Skirt, £189.99

Sequin-Disc Pool Slides, £119.99

Rabanne x H&M lookbook

Appliquéd Track Jacket, £74.99

Appliquéd Track Pants, £74.99

Rabanne x H&M lookbook

Embellished Chiffon Dress , £279.99

Rabanne x H&M lookbook

Embroidered Wool Jacket, £279.99

Broderie Anglaise Poplin Shirt, £119.99

Embroidered Wool Trousers, £89.99

Rabanne x H&M lookbook

Sequin-Disc Top, £189.99

Rabanne x H&M lookbook

Beaded Disc-Embellished Headpiece , £169.99

Rabanne x H&M lookbook

Leopard-Print Buckle-Detail Dress, £139.99

Rabanne x H&M lookbook

Glittery Jacquard-Knit Mini Dress, £64.99

Glittery Jacquard-Knit Trousers, £64.99

Buckle-Detail Waist Chain Belt, £119.99

Rabanne x H&M lookbook

Jacquard-Knit Cut-Out Dress, £139.99

Rabanne x H&M lookbook

Sequined Cropped Top, £139.99

Sequined Trousers, £189.99

Rabanne x H&M lookbook

Fuzzy Scarf, £64.99

Sequin-Disc Crop Top, £89.99

Sequin-Disc Mini Skirt, £189.99

Rabanne x H&M lookbook

Fuzzy-Detail Wool Coat, £329.99


Rabanne x H&M lookbook

Appliquéd Cotton Cap, £44.99

Embellished Jersey Top, £54.99

Appliquéd Track Pants, £74.99

Rabanne x H&M lookbook

Track Jacket, £74.99

Appliquéd Track Pants, £74.99

Rabanne x H&M lookbook

Satin-Detail Tuxedo Jumpsuit , £279.99

Fringed Metal-Mesh Triangle Scarf, £119.99

Hooded Fuzzy Jacket, £229.99

Leopard-Print Shirt, £54.99

Rabanne x H&M lookbook

Metal-Mesh Vest Top, £279.99

Shimmering Metallic Chelsea Boots, £279.99

Rabanne x H&M lookbook
Rabanne x H&M lookbook

Sequined Top, £84.99

Shimmering Metallic Suit Jacket, £189.99

Shimmering Metallic Tailored Suit Trousers, £89.99

Metal-Mesh Leather Belt, £74.99

Rabanne x H&M lookbook

Wool Pea Coat, £279.99

Wool Turtleneck Jumper, £84.99

Side-Striped Wool Trousers , £84.99

Buckle-Detail Leather Boots, £229.99



5-Pack Metal Dice, £19.99


Metal Candle Holder, £39.99


Small Stainless-Steel Vase, £39.99


Stainless Steel Bottle, £24.99


Stainless Steel Tray, £59.99


Large Stainless-Steel Vase, £79.99


Scented Candle in A Stainless Steel Container, £34.99 


Stainless-Steel Stool, £199.99


Cotton Slippers, £29.99


Cotton Hair Turban, £14.99

Cotton Hair Turban, £14.99 rabanne x h&m

Cotton Hair Turban, £14.99


Patterned Cotton Bathrobe, £99.99

Patterned Cotton Bathrobe, £99.99 rabanne x h&m

Patterned Cotton Bathrobe, £99.99


Sequin-Disc Curtain, £149.99

Sequin-Disc Table Lamp, £199.99

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