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Unique Christmas Ideas 2020: 20 small businesses to support this Christmas if you don’t fancy lining the pockets of billionaires

We've selected 20 of the loveliest small businesses to shop from this Christmas.

If making the rich list richer isn’t at the top of your priority list this Christmas then support small businesses instead.

We’ve selected 20 of the loveliest independent brands to shop from this festive season after a difficult year.

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The Covid-19 pandemic left many struggling – particularly those in retail – so any support you’re able to give will put a smile on these sellers’ faces, as well as the lucky recipient of your gifts.

Dreamers Rebels

Dreamers Rebels

Jumper, £130, Dreamers Rebels – buy now

Dreamers Rebels is a UK-based vintage boutique, selling true vintage and slow fashion clothing.

Every piece they sell is either hand made or hand picked, meaning you’re getting something truly special. Their chic Parisian aesthetic is absolutely stunning.

Down Yonder Vintage

Down Yonder Vintage

Trinket box, £12, Down Yonder Vintage – buy now

Down Yonder Vintage is a Somerset-based vintage homeware shop, selling twee trinkets to give your house some retro personality.

Depending on your loved ones’ taste of course, there’s something for everyone here!

Cosmic Pixie

Cosmic Pixie

Bag, £110, Cosmic Pixie – buy now

Cosmic Pixie is a boho chic shop on Depop. The store consists of both handmade and handpicked clothing, with tonnes of flowing fabrics, knitted pieces and one-of-a-kind accessories.

Selena’s Shop

Selena's Shop

Lilac dress, £65, Selena’s Shop – buy now

Selena’s Shop sells vintage gems straight out of the 70s and 80s. Run by entrepreneur Selena Williams, the businesswoman curates, styles and models for her shop, while also doing the day-to-day running of the brand.

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While there’s a focus on sustainability, there’s no compromise on style here – so it’s no wonder Selena’s Shop is one of the most popular on the app.

Rose Jocham

Rose Jocham

Print, £16, Rose Jocham – buy now

Rose Jocham is a London-based illustrator and designer with serious talent. She sells beautiful prints on Etsy, often featuring flowers painted with watercolour, and is also selling gorgeous Christmas cards.

Rose’s prints would add a splash of colour to any home and with prices starting from £5, they won’t break the bank.

The Hungry Hearts Club

The Hungry Hearts Club

Print, £15, The Hungry Hearts Club – buy now

The Hungry Hearts Club is a small London-based business, run singlehandedly by artist Emma Winterschladen.

The talented artist sells a variety of prints and Christmas cards from just £4. She has a clear style that would complement any home, and her on-trend line designs are particularly lovely.



Enamel pin, £9.50, LizHarry – buy now

Based in Liverpool, LizHarry offers a range of kitsch pins, accessories, cards and illustrated gifts for those who prefer bright colours.

These can serve as a great option for a room decoration or just a way of making your basic black hoodie stand out with a bright pin.

Loud Bodies

Loud Bodies

Dress, £180, Loud Bodies – buy now

Loud Bodies is a body-inclusive fashion brand with sustainability at its core.

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Founded by Patricia Luiza Blaj, Loud Bodies is driven by the idea that every body deserves stylish and comfortable clothing. The garments are made with sustainable fabrics, while Loud Bodies use recycled paper and plastic in their packaging too.

The brand releases seasonal clothing collections and includes a variety of styles and prints, that will satisfy even the most picky customer.



Rings, from £28, Chvker – buy now

Chvker – pronounced choker – is a super-kitsch brand that produces high-quality jewellery.

Founder Nazlia Yunus launched the brand in 2014, and it’s grown very popular – particularly on Instagram.

Perfect for the younger members of the family, Chvker sells dainty designs that have been inspired by the early nineties. From snake rings, to diamante heart chokers, their designs are sickly sweet.

We Are Cow

We are cow

Shop now

If you’re looking to shop ethically this Christmas, look no further than vintage store We Are Cow.

The brand sells sustainable vintage and handmade streetwear, with both womenswear and menswear available. Not only that, but We Are Cow also do custom and reworked items so unlike high-street shops like Zara, you don’t have to worry about walking past someone else in the same dress as you.

Ornate Revival

Ornate Revival

T-shirt, £28, Ornate Revival – buy now

If retro tees are your jam, you’ll love Ornate Revival. The slow-fashion business offers a small selection of seventies-inspired t-shirts, designed here in the UK.

If you prefer homeware though, they also offer a couple of retro-style prints from £18 too.

Junk LDN


Bikini, £75, JUNK LDN – buy now

You might not be thinking about getting into a bikini right now, but for those of your friends and family planning to get away on holiday when we’re allowed, Junk LDN is a brand to buy from.

Founder Celia Harper from Brighton designs all the swimwear herself, with inclusivity and sustainability at the heart of the brand.

The items are all made out of high-quality recycled fabric and the packaging is completely plastic free and recycled. Their factory, operating a zero-waste policy, is based in Bali, where workers are paid three times the national average and portions of their profits are donated to Bali Street Mums, helping women and children living on the streets on the island.

While their ethics definitely align with ours, the designs are cute, kitsch and wearable.



Dress, £59, MANNERS LONDON – buy now

Founded by self-taught designer Sally Mansfield, MANNERS LONDON offer a variety of tight-fitting clothes for all body types.

Sally originally started working with local tailors when she lived in Bali as she struggled to find clothes for curvy women on the island. She continued working with them from London to create her brand, and she knows how to make clothes that fit a variety of body types well.

The designs include bright and daring prints, as well as neutral basics. There’s something for every body here.

The Good Aura Company

The Good Aura Company

Ginger and green tea candle, £24, The Good Aura Company – buy now

Who doesn’t love getting a gorgeous candle for Christmas?

The Good Aura Company sells candles and wax melts, made using paraffin-free and eco-friendly wax. Their products are also vegan, cruelty-free and handmade by them.

The Champagne and Strawberries candle has our name on it.

Simply Noir

Simply Noir

Earrings, £10, Konjo Designs at Simply Noir – buy now

Simply Noir is an online marketplace and community for black-owned independent UK businesses, similar to eBay.

The variety of products on the site is impressive, from food items like chilli jam to fashion items such as unusual handbags. Plus, there’s a gifts section to make your life that little bit easier this Christmas.

It’s a great place to browse if you’re looking to support Black businesses.

Lucky and Sew

Lucky and Sew

Lingerie set, from £45, Lucky and Sew – buy now

Since 2014, Lucky and Sew have been stitching and selling gorgeous lingerie from their little studio in Spain.

The mum-and-daughter duo have abandoned standard size guides, creating made-to-measure lingerie exclusively to give customers the best ever fit. The women use fast-fashion deadstock fabrics to create the lingerie too, making it sustainable and ethical.

Considering how much time and effort goes into each set, these are a complete and utter bargain.

Sondr London

Sondr London

Necklaces, from £150, Sondr London – buy now

For anyone looking to splash out on gorgeous jewellery for a partner, we couldn’t recommend Sondr London enough.

Not only is every piece beautiful, but they’re also made-to-order at London’s Hatton Garden – so expect a truly unique piece of jewellery that leaves no waste in its tracks.

From coin necklaces, to dainty chains, every piece they make is something you’ll want to keep forever.

Beaches and Cream

Beaches and Cream

Earrings, £15, Beaches and Cream – buy now

Beaches and Cream is good enough to eat.

The jewellery brand is clearly beach-inspired, but with weather as dreary as this, we’re more than happy to inject a little sunshine into our outfits.

As well as shell earrings and necklaces, Beaches and Cream also offer some unbelievable handbags that’ll make you feel like you’re on a Bali beach.

Mila’s Apothecary

Wildflower radiance mask, Mila's Apothecary

Wildflower radiance mask, £23, Mila’s Apothecary – buy now

Milas Apothecary make the most of nature’s healing properties with a range of natural skincare products, teas and elixirs.

The brand’s products are a cure for all of our stressful and fast-paced lives (or anxiety-ridden, if we’re talking about 2020), with products that nourish polluted skin and over-worried minds.

For those who want to know exactly what they’re buying, they also provide resources about the benefits of the specific ingredients used in production.


Wax tablet, Mythin

Wax tablet, £6.50, Mythin – buy now

Mythin is an organic botanical alchemy, based in Beldfordshire and inspired by the idea of connecting with nature.

Moving away from the artificial ingredients used in popular skincare products, the brand’s soaps, bath products and cosmetics are formulated and handcrafted by the owner, using natural ingredients such as nourishing oils and butters, minerals, botanicals and essential oils.

We’ve been eyeing up their soaps for weeks!

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