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10 Pairs of Plus Size Anti-Chafing Shorts to Wear to Save Your Thighs in Summer

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Last Updated on April 24, 2023

Ever found yourself walking during the hot summer months and you begin to feel that familiar, painful rash between your thighs?

Yep, that’s chafing and it’s a most unpleasant experience. It’s the kind of uncomfortableness that will make you stop in your tracks to find a solution.

You’re not alone. While it’s rarely spoken about it, most people tend to get it at some point in their lives – and we’re here to talk honestly about it.

Stay Cool Chub Rub Shorts from Snag Tights

Chafing occurs when your thighs (or any parts of your body) rub together as you move, which causes an uncomfortable friction rash.

While some people refer to it as ‘chub rub’, it doesn’t matter what size or shape your legs or body are. It’s like you’ll have experienced it at some point in your life.

Luckily, anti-chafing shorts are an easy solution. They help by creating a barrier between your legs, which avoids chafing altogether.

When shopping for a pair of anti-chafing shorts, you need to consider the material, the length and the colour of the shorts.

In terms of material, nylon, polyester and high-tech fabrics are the best ones to stick to, as these are designed to taper moisture away from the skin. Also remember that you normally wear these shorts in the summer, so you don’t want anything too thick and heavy in the summer heat.

The next thing to think of is length. This is dependent on what you are wearing; you’ll want it to cover as much of your thigh as possible without putting the shorts on show. If you are wearing something long like a maxi dress, the length of course won’t be an issue.

Finally, the colour of your shorts. This will depend on what you’re wearing and how translucent the material you’re wearing is. Normally you’ll find the shorts in blacks, nudes and tan colours, which helps to avoid them being visible under your clothes.

Ready to jump in? Keep scrolling for our top picks of plus size anti-chafing shorts.

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