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Arket’s Jeans Selection is Small But Mighty – These Are the Pairs Not to be Missed

No wonder influencers love them.

You probably already have go-to stores for jeans, but here’s a hot tip: check out Arket.

It’s no secret that shopping for jeans can be quite a challenge.

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woman wearing arket jeans

Sizing can be tricky, especially if you’re buying online. (Take a look at our nifty guide for picking out the perfect jeans size for you here, by the way!)

So I get why it can be one of the reasons why you stick to your tried-and-true brands, but I think we can all agree that brands known for their denim can be quite expensive. 

There’s nothing wrong with sticking to these brands, of course, especially if you can afford their pieces. But you might miss out on good, affordable stuff from stores you didn’t think to visit. Case in point: Arket jeans.

The Scandi brand is known for offering a wide selection of ‘essentials’, so it’s not surprising that its jeans department is so good.

Jeans are a staple for many and they’re often included in items to put in capsule wardrobes.

The pieces stay true to the brand’s minimalist and carefree-but-polished aesthetic. (Sadly,) no skinny jeans here! Sorry, millennials.

Most of them have wide legs and a slouchy silhouette, which is on-trend for spring-summer 2021 especially since the trends of the early oughts are returning. But the styles are streamlined enough to be worn even during other seasons. The selection has dark and light colours too.

They’re great to pair with either fit and loose tops, depending on the look you’re going for. To sum up, they’re classics in the making — and the quality’s great too. 

Arket is known to be one of H&M’s more sophisticated and sustainability-conscious sisters, so the pieces are definitely promising, to say the least.

If you’re ready to try a pair, here’s a list of the best Arket jeans I found.

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