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Strapped For Cash? This Brand’s Dresses Are So Affordable, Yet So Good

Cool girl dresses under £65.

Last Updated on January 9, 2023

Love Monki? We’ve found 14 of the high street brand’s best dresses under £100.

When there’s a very real cost of living crisis going on, affordability is top of our agenda when shopping for new clothes.

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Millions are said to be struggling with the increased cost of living, but according to an analysis from the Resolution Foundation think tank, families across the UK have only lost half the income they’re expected to suffer as the recession continues.

Monki dresses

These stats can be really scary, so if you’re looking to cut back on spending and find more affordable alternatives to your expensive go-to’s, we’re here to help.

Monki’s vibrant and bold designs have won them fans from all over the globe. Their huge collection of affordable but incredibly cool dresses offer a variety of relaxed silhouettes, funky colours and fashion-forward patterns.

There are some surprisingly chic pieces in the collection too, so minimalists are more than catered for.

But the best part? All of their dresses fall under £65, with most coming in around the £30 mark.

Many of you may know that H&M’s sizes can run small. If you’re worried about shopping online from Monki, I’ve done my research.

According to reviews, Monki’s dresses tend to run true to size, although the length can fall on the shorter side if you’re tall. They also offer regular, oversized, and tight fits, which you should consider before purchasing.

In my personal experience, they’re pretty perfectly-fitting. Many of their dresses are oversized in style, so if you’re looking for something tight-fitting, take a look at the specific measurements of the item in question. For more info on Monki’s sizing, we’ve got everything you need to know.

Despite the incredibly affordable price point of Monki’s frocks, they last quite a long time – especially if you follow their washing instructions. I’ve had dresses from the brand for years, but I’ve taken good care of them.

I scoured through Monki’s site and found the best dresses that should be in your wardrobe right now. Scroll down to check out our edit.

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Shop Monki Dresses

Monki Doodle print grandpa collar dress

Doodle print grandpa collar dress, £35 – buy now

Black gingham cotton midi dress Monki

Black gingham cotton midi dress, £35 – buy now

Red midi textured puff sleeve dress Monki

Red midi textured puff sleeve dress, £55 – buy now

Monki Black & white floral skater dress

Black & white floral skater dress, £35 – buy now

Monki Blue oversize midi knit dress

Blue oversize midi knit dress, £50 – buy now

Monki Velvet slip dress

Velvet slip dress, £20 – buy now

Monki Green tiered midi dress

Green tiered midi dress, £50 – buy now

Monki Long-sleeved ribbed dress

Long-sleeved ribbed dress, £50 – buy now

Monki Black v-neck velvet babydoll dress

Black v-neck velvet babydoll dress, £28 – buy now

Monki Textured silver puff sleeve dress with bows

Textured silver puff sleeve dress with bows, £63 – buy now

Green batwing sleeve dress Monki

Green batwing sleeve dress, £40 – buy now

Beige and grey check pattern midi dress Monki

Beige and grey check pattern midi dress, £50 – buy now

Monki Dark green jacquard wrap babydoll dress

Dark green jacquard wrap babydoll dress, £50 – buy now

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