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I Have So Many Dresses From This Brand (and They Always Earn Me Compliments)

Regencycore at its finest.

I’ve always been obsessed with Sister Jane, but it seems like my love for its dresses is only growing as the years go on.

The British brand, which also has a Townhouse and restaurant in West London, has been designing incredibly opulent Regencycore-inspired dresses, co-ords and blouses for a decade.

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You can revisit all of the past campaigns on their website, and one look shows it’s clear Sister Jane’s identity is only getting stronger.

The brand’s ultra-feminine dresses have won it legions of followers, who lap up every new collection that lands every six weeks – myself very much included.

They say the devil is in the details, and the details are what Sister Jane do so well. Frills, embroidery and embellishments appear on nearly every design.

It sits on the higher end of the high street, with dresses starting from £89 and going up to £185, the quality makes the prices 100% worth it. I have a large collection of the brand’s dresses at this point, and they still look as glorious as they always did.

As well as the brand’s main collection, they also have Dream. The vintage-inspired pieces are even more opulent, with exaggerated silhouettes you’d expect to see on Bridgerton. These dresses are ideal for occasions, but who really needs an excuse?

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Where is Sister Jane based?

Sister Jane only has one store: the Townhouse, which is based in West London, UK.

This is where the Head Office is located, as well as their restaurant Cha Cha x Sister Jane, which serves an array of cocktails, brunch and dinner with a Latin twist.

Does Sister Jane run small?

Sister Jane tends to run on the large side due to the exaggerated silhouettes of the majority of the dresses. However this isn’t a hard and fast rule; I have bought one or two dresses that were a little on the small side, so it’s worth trying before you buy.

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Shop Sister Jane dresses

Downtown Jacquard Midi Dress

Downtown Jacquard Midi Dress, £125

Scarlett Ruffle Bow Dress

Scarlett Ruffle Bow Dress, £89

Hudson Jacquard Midi Dress

Hudson Jacquard Midi Dress, £115

Sweetness Jacquard Maxi Dress

Sweetness Jacquard Maxi Dress, £210

Pebble Gingham Mini Dress

Pebble Gingham Mini Dress, £82

Marina Tweed Mini Dress

Marina Tweed Mini Dress, £89

Coral Ruffle Mini Dress

Coral Ruffle Mini Dress, £155

Lucia Jacquard Midi Dress

Lucia Jacquard Midi Dress, £110

Primula Postcard Maxi Dress

Primula Postcard Maxi Dress, £185

Great Escape Mini Dress

Great Escape Mini Dress, £160

Sofia Jacquard Midi Dress

Sofia Jacquard Midi Dress, £175

DREAM Getaway Ruffle Cami Dress

Getaway Ruffle Cami Dress, £185

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