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Best Zara Bags 2023 – 9 Zara Bags We Love For Autumn Winter

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Last Updated on September 28, 2023

Looking for the best Zara bags to add to your wardrobe? Like you, it’s also one of my go-to stores when it comes to trendy yet quality pieces for handbags. Lucky for you, I’ve listed the crème de la crème of bags that’s a must-have for the Autumn Winter season. The Spanish high street brand is known for being bang on when it comes to trends. While it doesn’t like to be called a fast-fashion retailer, it prides itself on being able to deliver trend-led pieces at just the right time.

Model wears Zara bucket bag

Getting a new bag to carry around when you’re out and about not only makes sense but also should be on top of your priorities. A new season has come too, so if you’re looking for another reason to update your bag wardrobe, this is definitely it.

From designer-inspired bags like oversized tote bags to top-handle bags that mean business to the updated version of the slouchy clutch, we’ll definitely see more of this in the coming seasons. So prepare your wallets as I give you the 9 best Zara bags for the Autumn Winter 2023 season. Next, you might want to check out the biggest bag trend reigning on social media in the coming months, and other than bags, did you know that Zara has the best pieces for petite frames?

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Studded shoulder bag

Zara Studded shoulder bag

Studded shoulder bag, £45.99 – buy now

While metallics continue to be the hottest bag trend in 2023, tone down the shimmering metallics by going for the studded ones. Zara’s studded shoulder bag reminds me of Alexander McQueen’s signature handbag at a fraction of the price.

Faux pearl shoulder bag

Zara Faux pearl shoulder bag

Faux pearl shoulder bag, £35.99 – buy now

If metallic studs are not your thing and you want something classy and trendy at the same time, I’d say go for pearls, but this time make it extra! A fully beaded pearl handbag screams Blair Waldorf, but in a 2023 setting.

Cutwork mini tote bag

Zara Cutwork mini tote bag

Cutwork mini tote bag, £49.99, buy now

Small bags are still in for the season, but thankfully, new designs came in much bigger sizes that our phones or wallets could actually fit in. And if you are on the hunt for miniature yet useful bags, Zara’s cutwork mini tote bag is perfect for you. I absolutely fell in love with the combination of faux shearling and leather.

Bucket bag with topstitching

Zara Bucket bag with topstitching

Bucket bag with topstitching, £29.99 – buy now

The resurgence of bucket bags is here to stay and is predicted to be one of the staple bags for the Autumn Winter season. Interestingly, brands like Zara offer more updated versions with interesting material, giving a modern spin to the usual bucket bags.

Crossbody bucket bag

Zara Crossbody bucket bag

Crossbody bucket bag, £29.99 – buy now

Other than the usual black, white, brown, and beige tones, why not go for colours this time? If you are not a fan of bold and vibrant colors, opt for ones with a subtle shade, like a pastel yellow.

Fabric handbag

Zara Fabric handbag

Fabric handbag, £22.99 – buy now

From the looks of it, the fabric handbag, a.k.a. the fan-favourite Gen Z crossbody bag, is still one of the sure hits in the Autumn Winter season. We’ve seen this in a variety of colors, but an off-white shade will be perfect for different type of outfits.

Metallic quilted mini bucket bag

Zara Metallic quilted mini bucket bag

Metallic quilted mini bucket bag, £22.99 – buy now

From oversized coats, we will see more people rocking quilted bags in the coming months. As for Zara, they opted to mix two trends together by delivering a mini quilted bag in metallic silver! How cool is that, right?

Mini bucket bag with seashells

Zara Mini bucket bag with seashells

Mini bucket bag with seashells, £49.99 – buy now

If you think that pearls are too feminine for you, I’d say to go for seashells instead, as they bring out the inner Ariel in you. 

Crossbody bag

Zara Crossbody bag

Crossbody bag, £29.99 – buy now

Last on the list is another crossbody bag. If you’ve seen Uniqlo’s viral bag, Zara has released an elevated version of it, which comes in a faux leather material.

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