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Can I Wear Cream to a Wedding? Here’s the Definitive Answer

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Last Updated on September 14, 2023

Can I wear cream to a wedding? If that’s the question that kept on bugging you after receiving an invitation to a loved one’s big day, then keep reading. As guests, we want to make sure that all eyes are on the happy couple on their wedding day and not upset anyone with our choice of outfit. One major responsibility of being a wedding guest is joining in on celebrating the couple’s milestone, and the last thing that we want to do is upstage or be mistaken for a bride or groom.

While neutral colours are always stylish, there are some occasions when they just don’t quite work – but is a wedding one of them? We all know that wearing white to a wedding is a complete no-no (unless you’ve been specifically asked to), but cream is a little more confusing. It’s not white, but it’s pretty close to it.

So let’s dig deeper to find out if wearing cream to a wedding is against the ceremony protocol or not. Next, discover your body shape with this handy calculator or try this bra size calculator to work out your lingerie size at home.

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Can I wear cream to a wedding?

If you want to avoid offending the bridal party, steer clear of wearing cream to a wedding. While it’s not as clear as the rule against wearing white, it’s still very close and should be avoided. Avoid wearing an outfit that is close to white, so this includes outfits in ivory, cream, off-white, eggshell, champagne, and beige. However, there’s always an exception to the rule. Many bridesmaids dresses are champagne, and if the happy couple ask you to wear any of these colours, then the rule doesn’t apply.

Who can wear cream to a wedding?

Whether or not you should wear cream to a wedding really depends. If one of the people getting married specifically instructs guests to attend wearing this colour, then go right ahead! Most of the invitations indicate dress codes, such as the type of outfit or whether it’s a formal, semi-formal, black tie or cocktail dress code. Some even mention the shades of colour that guests should wear.

On the other hand, you can wear cream to a wedding as long as you only incorporate it into your outfit. Think of patterns or mixing cream accessories like shoes or bags to your whole look. The possibilities are endless as long as you stay within the dress code.

Outfit details of white blazer, trousers, crop top and Prada bag

Can you wear cream to a wedding party?

If it’s the wedding party or the reception, wearing cream would be more suitable than the ceremony itself. Unlike the wedding ceremony, receptions are less strict and limiting. However, it’s still best if you ask the bride beforehand to avoid wearing the same cream coloured dress as a bridesmaid.

What colours should not be worn to a wedding?

Besides cream, there are plenty of other colours that you should avoid wearing as a guest. As mentioned earlier, anything close to white is a big no-no at the wedding. In addition, having the same colour as the bridesmaid dresses should be avoided. Another colour to avoid is black because it is a symbol of death and mourning, especially in Western culture. However most weddings expect men to wear a black suit since it is the usual formal attire. Lastly, anything with too much glitter or sparkly detail should be avoided at wedding ceremonies.

What colours are okay to wear to weddings?

The best and safest colour to wear during a wedding is anything indicated on the invitation. Most of the time, brides opt for pastels and primary colours. Navy blue is regarded as the most popular colour for wedding guests, so is an easy option to go for.

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