9 Affordable Pairs of Dad Sandals That Look Exactly Like Chanel

Save your pennies with these designer lookalikes.

Last Updated on May 19, 2023

Obsessed with Chanel’s dad sandals but can’t afford to shell out over £2,000? Join the club.

I’ve had my eyes firmly fixed on the designer’s beautiful dad sandals for as long than I can remember – but like many right now, I’m on a pretty tight budget.

If you’re desperate for a pair of dad sandals that look like Chanel’s, you’re in luck. As with most big trends, the high street has worked its magic to bring out a selection of sandals that look almost identical to the designer’s without the luxury price tag.

From black leather sandals from ASOS and Arket, to a multicoloured metallic pair from Kurt Geiger, there are plenty here to tickle your fancy.

So I did the hard work for you, and found the best of the bunch. My personal favourites? Alohas gorgeous quilted sandals that really do give Chanel’s a run for their money.

If you don’t know much about Alohas yet, let me introduce you. The sustainable brand offers a pre-order system, which means they don’t produce too many shoes that end up going to waste.

You can pre-order the shoes at a 15% discount, which is a win-win for both you and the planet.

There are plenty of high street brand’s creating dad sandals this season too that you might be more familiar with, like River Island, ASOS and Arket.

Keep scrolling to see my favourites – and if you like these, you might like these Prada loafers dupes, Gucci crystal slingbacks dupes and Marc Jacobs tote bag dupes.

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Chanel dad sandals dupes

Hook-Loop - Black Leather Sandals

Hook-Loop Black Leather Sandals, now £145, Alohas – buy now

There are so many incredible Chanel dupes on the market, but this pair from Alohas really stand out.

The best bit? The brand offers sustainable styles, and if you pre-order now, you get a 15% discount.

ORSON sandals kurt geiger

Orson Sandals, £169, Kurt Geiger – buy now

Another gorgeous pair of Chanel lookalikes, this black leather pair are classy and comfortable.

Like the brand’s bags, these come with Kurt Geiger’s signature bird embellishment and have velcro straps.

logo-strap chunky sandals

Logo-strap chunky sandals, £950, Prada – buy now

Entering the ring are the Prada logo-strap dad sandals, which I’m completely obsessed with.

These come with a chunky sole and the Prada logo, making them look luxe instantly.

These don’t come cheap, but they’re still over £1,000 more affordable than Chanel’s.

France jelly flat sandals in black ASOS

France jelly flat sandals in black, £14, ASOS DESIGN – buy now

For those on a tighter budget, this pair of minimalist sandals fit the bill perfectly.

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Chunky Leather Sandal

Chunky Leather Sandals, now £81, Arket – buy now

I’m well and truly obsessed with Arket – and just one look at these sandals explains why.

While Chanel’s dad sandals are quilted, Arket have added their own touch with croc leather instead.

Hook-Loop Tweed Sandal alohas

Hook-Loop Tweed Sandal, now £145 Alohas – buy now

If you’re a fan of tweed and bouclé, opt for this pair from Alohas instead.

They’re chic and timeless, making for the perfect addition to your summer wardrobe.

Orson Sandals, £159, Kurt Geiger

Orson Sandals, £169, Kurt Geiger – buy now

Prefer more colourful footwear? Kurt Geiger have a pair of Chanel lookalikes in metallic rainbow hues that have been on my wish list for ages.

Real Leather Padded Sandal Warehouse

Real Leather Padded Sandal, now £53.40, Warehouse- buy now

Sure, the black is beautiful – but I love these butter yellow sandals from Warehouse too.


Black Wide Fit Quilted Dad Sandals, £40, River Island – buy now

This summer, River Island has entered its hat into the ring with these affordable wide fit sandals.