H&M’s Newest Innovation Story The Cherish Waste Collection Drops Today – Here’s What You Need to Know

It's here!

Last Updated on April 21, 2022

H&M’s latest Innovation Story titled the Cherish Waste collection is here, and it’s every bit as beautiful as the last.

The brand first launched its Innovation Stories, which are a series of exclusive collections committed to promoting more sustainable technologies, materials and production processes, back in early 2021.

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The Cherish Waste collection for 2022 premises around taking low impact materials, many made from recycled garments, ocean-bound plastic and other waste materials, and turning them into something beautiful.

H&M cherish waste collection

If you’re expecting it to be boring, think again. You can expect bold silhouettes, pops of colour and studs everywhere.

Excited? Us too. Keep reading to find out when the collection drops and where you can get your hands on it.

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What to expect from H&M’s Cherish Waste Collection

For this collection, the design team at H&M looked at how they could re-use fabrics and materials normally considered waste and use them to create something beautiful – and that they did.

The collection is full of bold proportions combined with cutting edge materials, creating statement fashion pieces that will be instantly recognisable.

Speaking about the collection, H&M’s Creative Advisor Ann-Sofie Johansson explained, “This collection is a celebration of love, filled with wardrobe heroes that feel comfortable to wear, even if they are dramatic, statement pieces.

“My advice is to step out of your comfort zone and explore versatile combinations: dare to wear an oversized leopard-print coat with heart-shaped spots with a tight, cut-out bodysuit, or relax in a co-ordinated set with heart motifs inspired by foil balloons.”

Standout pieces include the bubble gum-pink heart-shaped evening dress in recycled polyester, and the white tiered ruffle dress in recycled nylon and polyester tulle.

We’re also loving the leopard print coat made from recycled polyester and the heart print shirt.

H&M cherish waste collection

Is the Cherish Waste Collection sustainable?

With the growing popularity of high-end resale sites like Vestiaire Collective, Rotaro and Resellfridges, it can sometimes be difficult to shop sustainably on the high street.

While in the past H&M has had a reputation for being one of the main drivers of fast fashion, the brand has been working towards creative solutions to becoming more sustainable in the past few years.

H&M set itself the goal to be climate positive and fully circular by 2040 and is making active steps to achieve this; the Cherish Waste collection is their fifth innovation collection with many new materials being used this time, including recycled silk, MIRUM, recycled silk and AirCarbon.

H&M’s Concept designer Ella Soccorsi explained how the collection is intended to be cherished and shared, stating, “We are passionate about circularity, so most pieces have labels inside to encourage customers to write their names and a message when it is time to pass them on.”

Of course, as a fast fashion brand it can never be fully sustainable.

Read more about H&M’s sustainability and ethics.

H&M cherish waste collection

When is H&M Cherish Waste Collection launching?

The Cherish Waste collection will be available to buy online at hm.com and in select stores from April 21st.

H&M Cherish Waste Collection Prices

Similar to previous Innovation Stories drops, the prices for the Cherish Waste Collection are slightly higher than the regular H&M collections.

Starting from £17.99 for accessories, the collection goes up to £229.99 for a recycled polyester tulle white dress. Keep scrolling for every single price, listed.

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The collection in pictures

Tulle puff dress

Tulle puff dress, £139.99 – buy now

Pink Heart-Shaped Evening Dress

Pink Heart-Shaped Evening Dress, £99.99 – buy now

Silk Slip Dress In White

Silk Slip Dress In White, £69.99 – buy now

Orange Cropped Cardigan

Orange Cropped Cardigan, £39.99 – buy now

Oversized Silk Shirt

Oversized Silk Shirt, £99.99 – buy now

Leopard-print coat

Leopard-print coat, £139.99 – buy now

Mesh Dress

Mesh Dress, £39.99 – buy now

Oversized motif-detail T-shirt

Oversized motif-detail T-shirt, £24.99 – buy now

Knitted mini dress

Knitted mini dress, £39.99 – buy now

Oversized printed jersey top

Oversized printed jersey top, £29.99 – buy now

Heart Print Shirt

Heart Print Shirt, £69.99 – buy now

H&M’s Newest Innovation Stories Drop - The Cherish Waste Collection Graphic Print Trousers

Graphic Print Trousers, £69.99 – buy now

Loose Fit Flounce-trimmed jeans

Loose Fit Flounce-trimmed jeans, £49.99 – buy now


Jeans, £34.99 – buy now

Cut-out body

Cut-out body, £24.99 – buy now

Satin and lace top

Satin and lace top, £49.99 – buy now

Lace-trimmed satin shorts

Lace-trimmed satin shorts, £34.99 – buy now

Non-padded mesh bra

Non-padded mesh bra, £19.99 – buy now

Heart-detail thong briefs

Heart-detail thong briefs, £12.99 – buy now

Non-padded mesh bra

Non-padded mesh bra, £19.99 – buy now

Heart-detail thong briefs, £12.99 – buy now

Flame-motif stay-ups

Flame-motif stay-ups, £17.99 – buy now

Heart-shaped bag

Heart-shaped bag, £49.99 – buy now

Sunglasses with storage pouch

Sunglasses with storage pouch, £34.99 – buy now

H&M’s Newest Innovation Stories Drop - The Cherish Waste Collection Studded cuff,

Studded cuff, £34.99 – buy now

Short necklace

Short necklace, £34.99 – buy now

H&M’s Newest Innovation Stories Drop - The Cherish Waste Collection Heart Earrings

Heart Earrings, £34.99 – buy now

Rhinestone chain-detail court shoes H&M

Rhinestone chain-detail court shoes, £119.99 – buy now

H&M’s Newest Innovation Stories Drop - The Cherish Waste Collection

Necklace, £34.99 – buy now

Studded mules H&M

Studded mules, £99.99 – buy now