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How to repeat outfits and still feel brand new

Turn your outfit from same-same to different

Last Updated on March 17, 2021

If Instagram was to be believed, nobody ever wears the same thing twice – but we all know that can’t be true. So how do you repeat outfits without looking samey?

Clothes are meant to be worn over and over again, but there’s undoubtedly an art to making it go unnoticed.

Read on for our tips to make one of your best-loved pieces feel different every time you repeat it.

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Try different combinations

As soon as you bought the shirt, you worked out exactly which pair of trousers went with it. Now you wear this combination over and over again, but it’s starting to feel dull.

Spend an afternoon going through everything in your wardrobe and coming up with alternative combinations you’ve never tried before. This is a surefire way to make a garment feel entirely different.

If you’re struggling to do so, ask your friends for their input or even spend time researching how other people have worn the shirt on Instagram or Pinterest. Everyone has an individual style and wears things differently, so using your imagination could turn your outfit from same-same to different.

Once you’ve done this, we recommend taking photos on your phone so you can remember all the different looks you discovered. This also comes in handy when packing for holidays and trips away, especially if you have limited room in your suitcase.

Change up your accessories

If you want to change a look but don’t want to spend hours working on it, try adding statement jewellery, a different handbag or even just changing your shoes.

The plus-3 rule, explained in detail by InStyle here, works on the premise that an outfit becomes amazing with three statement accessories. That might be some unusual hair clips, a pair of killer heels and a colourful handbag, or alternatively a cool hat, embellished belt and pair of shades.

This rule will really make you think next time you’re getting dressed.

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Follow outfit repeating influencers

Often social media makes us feel like buying new things is the key to feeling fresh, but it’s simply not true.

If you took a look into your wardrobe right now, I bet you’d see countless items that you love and probably don’t get enough wear out of.

Try following outfit repeating influencers to make you feel less ashamed about wearing the same item multiple times. They’ll make you feel seen, but also offer inspiration as to how to wear something differently.

I recommend @thethriftedcapricorn, @uncomplicatedspaces and @girlthrifted on Instagram.

Buy less, buy better

Instead of buying fast-fashion garments that you’ll only wear a handful of times, I recommend investing in pieces you’ll love forever.

Not only that, but if you can identify a passing trend or an item that will only go with a handful of things, avoid it.

As much as I adore bright and bold colours (and trust me, I still own and buy things in colourful hues), they’re much more identifiable than a white shirt or a good pair of jeans.

Learning to shop more mindfully in this way will make your wardrobe much easier to repeat in the long-run.

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