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Is Adidas True to Size? Everything You Need To Know About The Brand’s Sizing

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Last Updated on September 5, 2023

Looking for the trendy Sambas but found yourself wondering if Adidas is true to size? I’ll help you with that. It can be truly disheartening when you order shoes online, only to find they don’t fit properly. The only way to avoid this is by trying on shoes IRL or ordering a few different sizes, but we can give you a rough idea about one of the world’s biggest trainer brands: Adidas.

Whether you’re planning to order a pair of Sambas or Gazelles from Adidas, it’s a good idea to check their size guide online to ensure you’re ordering the right pair for you. But just as it can be challenging to find the perfect fit for jeans, shoe sizes can also differ significantly from one brand to another.

an image of the adidas Superstar trainers

As online shopping continues to grow in popularity, offering increased convenience and benefits, I find myself becoming less and less inclined to hit the shops IRL – and I’m not alone. In 2021, 82% of the UK population made at least one online purchase. I’ve been doing a little bit of research to find out exactly how adidas trainers fit so I can continue doing what I love: online shopping!

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Is Adidas true to size?

Commonly, Adidas runs true to size. However, if you are having second thoughts about their sizing, whether to go up or down a size, the brand has handy size charts online that show you how you can accurately measure your feet at home. Each product description also tells you whether the particular shoe style runs small, large, or true to size, which should help you pick out the right pair too.

Do Adidas shoes stretch out?

With regular wear and tear, Adidas shoes tend to stretch out over time. They also adjust to the shape of your foot since they’re made from stretchy materials. However, if you find your toes are touching the front of the shoe, they’re too small, and you’ll need to order a better-fitting pair.

Are Adidas shoes narrow or wide?

Adidas shoes have a stylish snugness and sleek narrowness around the front of the foot, which give them a streamlined look. Interestingly, since most of the designs are made for athletes or those who enjoy an active lifestyle, Adidas shoes tend to have a snug fit feel to help keep their feet comfortable and stable during intense activities.

How do you take care of Adidas shoes?

Keep your Adidas shoes in pristine condition with these easy steps, but first prepare the needed materials, such as a clean towel, warm water, gloves, warm bleach water, microfiber towels, shoe cleaning solution or soapy water, a soft and hard bristle brush, a toothbrush, and a dirt-picking tool. 

Step 1: Prepare the materials

Step 2: Clean the outsoles or the part that touches the ground with hard bristles. 

Step 3: Wash the uppers or the fabric that touches your foot using a soft brush.

Step 4: Eash the laces with warm bleach water and brush them using a toothbrush.

Step 5: Pat the outsoles and uppers with a clean towel and let it air dry.

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