Is Buying a Stine Goya Dress Worth It?

Spoiler: yes.

Last Updated on December 1, 2022

As the proud owner of two Stine Goya dresses, I’m here to tell you if Stine Goya is worth the price (plus everything else I know about the brand). 

As one of the first designer dresses I ever owned, I was besotted with my Stine Goya Jasmine dress in Distortion print; the gold and pink organza pattern was eye-catching, the material was weighty (in a good way), the shape was flattering and it was super comfortable. 

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Rain or shine, this dress was suitable and I wore it everywhere: coffee shops, restaurants and parties. Without fail, the dress would get asked about and complimented. 

Without getting too deep here, I’m not the most confident person and I’m not very good at showing off any skin; to find a dress I felt amazing in, regardless of anything else, was priceless to me. So much so, I bought a second one in graphic print earlier this year. 

If you’re thrifty or a bit of a hustler, then you can actually make money from your designer wardrobe. Yeah, you heard that right: your Stine Goya dress can actually make you money.

I popped mine on the wardrobe rental platform By Rotation, and it was, by far, my most popular dress on there. I easily made back the money I spent on it. And then some. 

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As you can imagine, this dress has been worn (and cleaned) a fair few times – it’s been at birthday parties, christenings and weddings.

Even after all that, it’s as good as new. Please don’t make me do any maths, but the cost per wear has to be down to a couple of pennies – if that doesn’t make it worth the money then I don’t know what does. 

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Does Stine Goya run big? 

I’ve found Stine Goya to be true to size. The dresses are meant to be voluminous (which is why I love them so much), but if you’re used to something much tighter, then you could size down if you wanted to – I’m sure it wouldn’t hurt. 

Is Stine Goya a good brand? 

In my opinion, Stine Goya is a good brand: it has a fun approach to fashion, it encourages dopamine dressing, it strives to work in a sustainable way and Scandinavian fashion is very sought-after (Stine Goya being no exception). 

Who owns Stine Goya?

Designer Stine Goya founded the brand in 2006. Goya’s husband, Thomas Hertz, is the brand’s CEO. 

Where is Stine Goya from? 

Stine Goya is from a small town North of Copenhagen in Denmark. After living in London for some time, Goya now lives in Copenhagen with her husband.

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