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13 Pairs of Zara Slippers Too Good To Only Wear at Home

There's nothing more stylish than comfort, if you ask me.

Last Updated on June 7, 2023

If you’re looking for house shoes that are less ‘dad at home’, and more ‘effortless chic’, you’re going to love Zara’s slippers.

Remember when everyone wore Daily Sleeper PJs outside the house? I’ve forever been wishing we could do that with slippers and I think I might have finally found the pairs that will allow it.

Zara has some of the most stylish styles I’ve come across, like their Birkenstock-esque leather clogs and a pair of beautiful crochet mules that frankly look way too good to only wear at home.

If you’re feeling a little cautious about wearing your comfies down the street, take a little inspo from Hailey Bieber. The style icon wore Prada house slippers with a leather jacket and slouchy sweatpants, still managing to look super chic while doing so.

Surprise, surprise, Zara actually has a pair that look pretty similar to Hailey’s for a fraction of the cost – but if you just want a pair that do the job of keeping your toes comfy in the house, the brand has plenty of those too.

To help narrow down the options, I curated a list of all my top picks from the collection. Scroll to see them.

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Shop Zara Slippers For Women

Zara Lined Leather Mule Slippers

Lined Leather Mule Slippers, £39.99 – buy now

Zara Crochet Mule Slippers

Crochet Mule Slippers, £45.99 – buy now

Zara Leather Clog Slippers

Leather Clog Slippers, £45.99 – buy now

Zara Felt Mule Slippers With Buckle

Felt Mule Slippers With Buckle, £27.99 – buy now

Zara Mule Slippers In Technical Material

Mule Slippers In Technical Material, £19.99 – buy now

Zara Open Terry Slippers

Open Terry Slippers, £23.99 – buy now

Zara Aux Fur Slippers

Aux Fur Slippers, £27.99 – buy now

Zara Sateen Slingback Slippers

Sateen Slingback Slippers, £29.99 – buy now

Zara Soft Leather Mule Slippers

Soft Leather Mule Slippers, £45.99 – buy now

Zara Babouche Slippers With Detailing

Babouche Slippers With Detailing, £39.99 – buy now

Zara Faux Fur Slippers

Faux Fur Slippers, £27.99 – buy now

Zara Glitter Mule Slippers

Glitter Mule Slippers, £39.99 – buy now

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Zara Leather Wedge Slippers

Leather Wedge Slippers, £45.99 – buy now

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