The Surprising Reason Most Dresses Don’t Have Pockets – and 9 That Do

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Last Updated on November 4, 2022

I love dresses, but I wish they were designed to be a little more practical – especially when I don’t want to carry around a bag.

One of the most notable things about women’s dresses today is the severe lack of pockets. I don’t want to be searching around my bag for things when I could just find one in my pocket.

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Of course, all men’s clothing has pockets. So what’s the deal?

Asian woman wears black beret, sunglasses, gloves and a dress

Why don’t dresses have pockets?

Back in the middle ages, both men and women had pockets—or pouches—sewn into their clothes. It wasn’t until the 17th century that pocket inequality began.

Pockets were only sewn into men’s clothes, while women had to wear separate pouches underneath their petticoats that were actually pretty difficult to get to.

As part of the Bags: Inside Out exhibition, the V&A Museum state that the average women during the 17th century wore a petticoat and two layers of undergarments, whilst the ‘pocket’ or pouch would be tied around her waist in-between the ‘under-petticoat’ and petticoat – so not exactly easy access.

As time went on, pockets became small handbags or ‘reticules’ at the time. This evidenced the inequality between men and women in the 1790s, when women didn’t have their own money or property. Their husbands would be responsible for such matters.

Things did improve in the 20th century, when the Rational Dress Society ran campaigns fighting for more functional clothes for women. A suit, named the ‘Suffragette suit’ and with six pockets, became popular in 1910 as women sought independence.

Emilia Wickstead / Courtesy of BFC

It’s still hard to find womenswear with decent pockets, most notable in dresses. As fashion has evolved, women’s clothing became overall slimmer, and most designers were concerned that pockets will only ruin the look.

This is why it’s such a big challenge to find dresses with pockets today – and presumably why it’s strangely satisfying when I do. When people compliment a dress I’m wearing, I find it hard not to respond enthusiastically with, “Thanks, it has pockets!”

We have a great selection of pocket-clad dresses to shop right now, whether you prefer a button-flap or a subtle style.

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