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Best ASOS Perfumes 2023 – 7 Luxury Fragrances You Can Get On ASOS Now

Discover your signature scent with the list of best ASOS perfumes of 2023.

Last Updated on July 14, 2023

Looking for the best ASOS perfumes? We’ve found 13 of the best luxury fragrances that you can buy on ASOS from big names such as Vera Wang, Estee Lauder, Calvin Klein and more. ASOS might not make their own perfumes, but the ones they stock are really decent.

In fact, ASOS has over 400 perfumes to choose from but I’ve narrowed it down to 7 of my personal favourites that I’m sure you’ll be familiar with too. Many of these are well-known fragrances that have stood the test of time, so you don’t need to worry about them going out of style. But if you do want to know about the fragrance trends of 2023, keep reading.

Fragrance trends of 2023

As well as fruity, refreshing scents and those with deep, bold notes, there are a few new fragrance trends emerging. First are the ‘beast mode’ fragrances, which are more often men’s scents, denoting power and grabbing people’s attention. Then there’s ‘energy-raising’ scents that link wellness with beautiful scents, boosting your mood, giving you energy and focus. Then there are fragrances with ‘zeitgeist notes,’ or more specifically, patchouli. This scent is representative of the 1960s, offering a nostalgic whiff of the peace and love era. 

I really recommend Zara for perfume, as it covers all of the aforementioned trends. Many of their perfumes are in fact said to be inspired by designer fragrances, like Gucci Flora and Dior’s J’adore. See our full list of the best Zara perfumes that are dupes for designer perfumes.

Does ASOS sell perfumes? 

Besides the huge selection clothing from over 850 brands, ASOS also offers perfumes for both men and women. You won’t find any of ASOS’ own-brand fragrances, as they don’t make their own – but they do offer perfumes from some of the biggest beauty names on the planet, like Clinique, Estee Lauder and Calvin Klein.

What are the best ASOS perfumes for women?

Like clothes, the choice of fragrance varies from person to person. It is also a way to express your personality and mood in a subtle way. Interestingly, some may see wearing perfume as a form of self-care by making sure that you smell good but also as a way to uplift your mood.

I’ve selected my personal favourite perfumes on ASOS, as these are some of the world’s best-selling and most popular perfumes. So let’s take a closer look…

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Cloud by Ariana Grande

Cloud by Ariana Grande EDP 30ml asos

Cloud by Ariana Grande EDP 30ml, £30 – buy now

Top notes: Lavender blossom, juicy pear and bergamot

Middle notes: Whipped cream, crème de Coconut, praline and vanilla orchid

Base notes: Sensual Musks, Creamy Woods

Ariana Grande’s very own perfume Cloud is hugely popular, with over 4.3million views on TikTok. Some even say it’s a great dupe for Baccarat Rouge 540 (and so is this Zara perfume too, btw).

Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Crush Cheirosa 62 Perfume Mist

Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Crush Cheirosa 62 Perfume Mist 90ml

Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Crush Cheirosa 62 Perfume Mist 90ml, £22 – buy now

Top notes: Pistachio and almond

Middle notes: Heliotrope and jasmine petals

Base notes: Sensual Musks, Creamy Woods

You might know Sol de Janeiro best for their Brazilian Bum Bum Cream, but their perfumes are pretty good too! This affordable perfume mist smells both sweet and nutty, making it the most delicious summer fragrance – plus it’s small enough to fit perfectly into your bag.

KAYALI Vanilla 28

KAYALI Vanilla 28 10ml

KAYALI Vanilla 28 10ml, £25 – buy now

Top notes: Vanilla orchid and jasmine

Middle notes: Brown sugar and tonka bean

Base notes: Amber, amberwood, musk and patchouli

The brainchild of Huda Beauty’s Huda and Mona Kattan, Kayali offers a wide variety of perfumes including Vanilla 28. This sweet scent is in fact the brand’s best-selling perfumes, so if you’re not sure which to go for first, try this.

Estee Lauder Luxury Fragrance Mini Wonders Set

Estee Lauder Luxury Fragrance Mini Wonders Set

Estee Lauder Luxury Fragrance Mini Wonders Set, £25 – buy now

Ok, we cheated here as this Mini Wonders set includes not one, not two, but eight miniature perfumes from Estee Lauder to try. For an affordable price of just £25, it’s definitely up there on ASOS’ best perfumes as it’s such a bargain and has something for everyone.

Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess

Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Eau Fraiche Skinscent 50ml

Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Eau Fraiche Skinscent 50ml, £52 – buy now

Top notes: Amber, coconut milk, sandalwood, vanilla, vetiver and myrrh

Middle notes: Juicy mandarin, sicilian bergamot, lemon and pulpy orange

Base notes: Tiare flower, jasmine, magnolia petals, orange flower buds and lavender

If you’re looking for a bigger bottle, why not try Bronze Goddess by Estee Lauder? This floral fragrance has been recommended by 95% of ASOS customers and has a star rating of 4.5 out of 5.

Vera Wang Princess

Vera Wang Princess Women 30ml EDT, £42 – buy now

Top notes: Water lily, apple, mandarin and apricot

Middle notes: Guava, dark chocolate and pink frosting

Base notes: Vanilla, amber and wood

Vera Wang’s Princess is one of the most popular perfumes not just on ASOS, but on the planet. This feminine scent is a fruity, floral fragrance, and the beautiful bottle will look nice on your night stand too!

Calvin Klein CK IN2U

Calvin Klein CK IN2U Woman Eau de Toilette 100ml, £49 – buy now

Top notes: Pink grapefruit and bergamot

Middle notes: Orchid and white cactus

Base notes: Amber, red cedar and vanilla

I’d be surprised if you hadn’t purchased a bottle of Calvin Klein’s CK IN2U in your lifetime – but if you haven’t, now’s the time. It’s sweet, floral and fresh, and at £49 for 100ml, it’s actually pretty affordable too.

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