The Best Coconut Perfumes to Spritz When the Sun is Shining

I could bathe in these.

Last Updated on September 11, 2023

Love coconut perfume? Me too, so I’ve found some of the best coconut perfumes available in 2023. Trust me, coconut perfumes are the ultimate choice. Forget about the typical association of coconut with lotions and sunscreen; coconut perfumes come on a broad spectrum, from sweet to fruity. You can’t even imagine the insane collection of perfumes on my vanity—it’s a lot. But let me tell you, out of all of them, my beach travel scents are hands down the absolute best.

It’s crazy how fragrances serve as souvenirs, taking us back to those remarkable moments whenever I catch a whiff of their notes. It’s been months since I traveled to another country, and when I spritz my Prada Paradoxe perfume, I am transported back. At first, I thought it was weird that I get such sensation. But I’m clearly I’m not alone on this. I’ve read a couple of articles about people who feel the same way about getting different scents on their travels.

During an interview with Elle, the founder of Milèo and former in-house beauty and fragrance expert at Chanel opened up about his personal fragrance preferences while traveling to tropical destinations. “When I think of vacationing in the tropics, I always look for a fragrance that finds the perfect balance between something fresh and something sweet,” says Milèo.

“One that will also hold up well to the heat and humidity—you’re probably gonna sweat, but that doesn’t mean you want to stink. The fragrance needs to be strong enough to banish BO and still remain breezy fresh throughout the beach bumming vacay.”

Without a doubt, coconut fragrances are ideal when the sun is shining. Even if you’re not into strong coconut scents, there’s something for everyone on this list of the best tropical perfumes. From intense to subtle, just keep scrolling and find your perfect match.

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Is coconut a summer scent?

Think about the sun, sand, breezy wind on summer nights, exotic locations, and beach-side cocktails; these remind us of one remarkable summer we had whenever we smelled coconut, and that is the surprising power of smell. Some may think of coconut as their summer scent because it’s not an overpowering smell but rather a seductive summer scent. That is probably the reason why a lot of the best summer scents almost smell like coconut.

Shop perfumes that smell like coconut

Almond Coconut Milk Eau Gourmande, £59, Laura Mercier – buy now

A wearable, sweet fragrance, Laura Mercier’s Almond Coconut Milk Eau Gourmande might be your next go-to summer scent. It contains base notes of French vanilla bean, mousse, and meringue combined with fresh fig, sensual amber, caramel, and spun sugar. Plus, this is a concoction of coconut with a hint of sweetness because of the almond, honey, and milk as top notes.

Indian Coconut Nectar Perfume, Pacifica

Indian Coconut Nectar Perfume, £24, Pacifica – buy now

Inspired by tropical travels and majestic destinations, Indian Coconut’s Nectar Perfume oozes a sultry summer scene as it contains notes of fresh coconut, delicate vanilla, and creamy vetiver, making it your next favorite summer scent.

Cheirosa '71 Perfume Mist, Sol De Janeiro

Cheirosa ’71 Perfume Mist, £24.80, Sol De Janeiro – buy now

Said to be one of the cult favorites of summer scents, Cheirosa ’71 Perfume Mist will make you remember the fun summer you had in Brazil. Channel your inner Brazilian goddess through Sol de Janeiro’s hair and body fragrance mist, which has notes of caramelized vanilla, sea salt, toasted macadamia nuts, white chocolate, and coconut blossom.

Almond Coconut Eau De Parfum, Laura Mercier

Almond Coconut Eau De Parfum, £70, Laura Mercier – buy now

If you want to give off that classy and elegant clean girl aesthetic this summer, try Laura Mercier’s Almond Coconut Eau De Parfum. It has key notes of almond, coconut milk, jasmine, rosewood, ylang-ylang, vanilla, tonka, heliotrope, and musk, giving off a sweeter and musky coconut scent that surely exudes a divine smell.

Coconut Sun Eau de Parfum Travel Spray, The 7 Virtues

Coconut Sun Eau de Parfum Travel Spray, £30, The 7 Virtues – buy now

A dreamy holiday in a bottle, you’ll surely recall your perfect summer in paradise with The 7 Virtues’ Coconut Sun’s captivating notes of coconut water, frangipani, fresh citrus, crisp sea salt, and gourmand vanilla. The brand has also teamed up with Charity Water, with proceeds from sales going towards a project in Ethiopia that works to offer clean water to locals.

Alien Goddess Eau de Parfum, £92, Mugler

Alien Goddess Eau de Parfum, £92, Mugler – buy now

If you just want a hint of coconut, go for Mugler’s Alien Goddess Eau de Parfum. It has key notes of bergamot essence, jasmine grandiflorum, bourbon vanilla, and, of course, coconut.