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7 Sephora Collection Products Redditors Recommend You Buy

These come up time and time again.

Last Updated on December 26, 2022

Any beauty aficionado knows that Sephora is a treasure trove of all the best beauty brands and products.

If you’re looking for an affordable concealer, a viral lipstick shade, or even products from luxury beauty brands, this retail giant has everything you need at killer prices.

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So now you might understand why everyone’s so that Sephora has finally arrived in the UK, not to mention the fact we now have access to their in-house brand Sephora Collection.

Best Products from the Sephora collection

The Sephora Collection offers high-quality makeup and skincare without breaking the budget. The brand wanted to create accessible, quality products that encourage customers to be more playful and curious about beauty products without costing a bomb.

Sephora has also pushed for more planet-friendly and sustainable products for its in-house collection. They even created an eco-conscious clean skincare line with 60% naturally derived ingredients.

If you’re curious about the Sephora Collection, we’ve done our homework and rounded up their most popular products.

These came up time and time again, and while we’re yet to try them out ourselves, they’re most certainly on order!

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Sephora Collection Lip Stain Matte

Sephora Collection Lip Stain Matte

£11.99 – buy now

Everyone loves Sephora’s lip stains. In one Reddit thread, one user said, You’ll never want to spend more on other brands again.” It’s so inexpensive compared to other brands, but cheap doesn’t always mean bad quality.

The silky, long-lasting lip stain can last throughout the day with barely any reapplication required.

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Best Skin Ever Concealer

Sephora Collection Best Skin Ever Concealer

£14.99 – buy now

“Honestly loving the “best skin ever” concealer – it has great coverage and is a really good price point one reviewer raved about Sephora’s Best Skin Ever concealer. “I find myself using that over some of my other more loved branded concealers,

What people love most about this concealer is its natural finish, which is not too matte or dewy. It’s also suitable for anyone with oily or dry skin; it contains hydrating ingredients like hyaluronic acid and algae extract.

Retractable Waterproof Eyeliner

Sephora Collection Retractable Waterproof Eyeliner

£9.99 – buy now

Many people raved about the Sephora Collection’s waterproof products, but one highly recommended is their waterproof eyeliner.

Sephora’s eyeliner is highly pigmented, easy to apply, and long-lasting. It’s almost hard to believe that it’s under £10. By far the best daily eyeliner I’ve found, and the colours are very wearable,” one user shared. A few have even compared it to luxury brands like Charlotte Tilbury.

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Bio-cellulose Eye Masks (Rosé hâlé)

Sephora Collection Bio-cellulose Eye Masks (Rosé hâlé)

£3.99 – buy now

Finding good skincare products is tricky, but it looks like a lot of Sephora fans love the sheet masks of their in-house brand—especially their eye masks.

A few users shared that they use Sephora’s eye masks to reduce puffiness and dark under-circles. One even said they use it before applying make up.

If you’ve been wearing makeup for a long time, you know that you should prep your face before applying foundation or concealer. This helps moisturise your skin and helps you avoid the cakey look.

Sephora Collection Full Face Make-Up Brushes (Set of 4)

Sephora Collection Full Face Make-Up Brushes (Set of 4)

£32.99 – buy now

This may not be a specific beauty product, but everyone in this thread recommends Sephora’s makeup brushes. So what makes these ordinary brushes so special?

Whether you’re new to make up or not, one thing is certain: a high-quality brush collection is a necessary investment.

Many were impressed by the premium quality of Sephora’s brush sets. This set in particular has four useful classics for a full-coverage face.

Smoothing Setting Powder

Sephora Collection Smoothing Setting Powder

£15.99 – buy now

Another product that people have mentioned is their setting powders.  Sephora’s smoothing setting powder is translucent, so it doesn’t change the shade of your foundation. It goes on nicely and smoothly. It blends nicely, and it’s great to use for baking too.

If you prefer a matte finish, combine this setting powder with any finishing powder of your choice to add glowing undertones to your skin.

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Brightening Eye Cream

Sephora Collection Brightening Eye Cream

£19.99 – buy now

If you don’t like using eye masks, you’ll like Sephora’s Brightening Eye Cream.

Compared to the eye mask sheets, most people prefer to use the Brightening Eye Cream before bed since the product promises to hydrate the eye areas for almost 10 hours and reduce puffiness.

The lightweight and non-sticky texture of the cream is ideal for anyone with oily or combination skin.

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