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11 Cute Nail Art Ideas For Short Nails

Short and sweet.

Last Updated on April 17, 2023

Good news for all the members of the short nails club – we can enjoy nail art too!

As someone with short nails, I’ve always been intimidated by nail art because all the intricate and bold nail design you see on Instagram or Tiktok are always on super long talons.

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It’s been a habit of mine to save all cute nail art I see on Instagram, so I have plenty of nail art ideas to do at home. I’m obsessed with everything I see, from glass manicures to heart-shaped designs, but I used to think the closest I could get to those designs was by wearing press on nails

I’d taken it off the cards, deciding I’d have to grow them out before I could get nail art so I’ve always opted for solid colours instead.

Thankfully, talented nail artists have changed the game. For every intricate and elaborate nail design I see on Instagram, there’s now an equally chic design that can be effortlessly recreated on shorter nails.

I’ve found a few and I’m sharing them with you here.

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What nail art looks good on short nails?

If you think short nails can’t look good with nail art, think again! You can make the most of your short nails by trying out these tips. 

To create the impression of length, try negative space designs near the cuticle, such as half-moon designs.

Alternatively, you can experiment with minimal dot designs, french tips, and dainty floral patterns that don’t look too busy.

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What colours look best on very short nails?

A nude or pastel colour palette works well, as these hues can accentuate your skin tone and make your nails appear longer and slimmer. But you can wear whatever you want on your nails!

Don’t forget to keep your nails hydrated; cuticle oil stimulates growth and strengthens your nails.

Be adventurous with your colour choices and experiment with pastel pinks, mauves, or even bold and vibrant neons to showcase your unique style and personality.

Take a look at some nail art inspo to take to your next manicure appointment.

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Nail Art Ideas For Short Nails

Red dots

Mix and match

Wavy lines

Pastel tips

Fire nails

Dainty florals

Squiggly tips

Blue dots

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