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What Does Zara Red Temptation Smell Like?

Once you get a whiff, you can’t resist a spritz.

Last Updated on June 18, 2023

Zara’s Red Temptation fragrance has gained popularity for being a dupe for various designer brands. Now, let’s delve into what this scent truly embodies.

The brand has managed to gain attention not only with its impressive clothing collection but also with its exceptional fragrances that rival those of best-selling perfumes from high-end brands. It’s no wonder we all adore Zara for this, don’t we?

In 2009, it made its foray into the world of fragrances with the launch of its first collection, aptly named “Zara Emotions.” This collection featured a total of eight fragrances, divided equally between women and men.  The fragrances were designed by Jo Malone.


Since then, Zara has consistently introduced new fragrances that receive enthusiastic reviews, with one standout being Zara Red Temptation. 

Released in 2020, this scent has gained popularity for its affordability and long-lasting quality. It is often regarded as an ideal choice for everyday use. It goes without saying that I naturally fell head over heels for the high-end perfume as well.

I can confidently vouch for this one, and since I got it, I’ve memorized every note of it. If you want to know what you’ll get before buying it online, I’ve got you covered.

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What does Zara Red Temptation smell like?

Zara Red Temptation has blend of sweetness, fruitiness, and floral allure. This fragrance is described as velvety and enveloping, making it an excellent choice for everyday wear.

 Its composition features top notes of orange, bergamot, and peach, followed by heart notes of jasmine, rose, and orchid, and base notes of amber, vanilla, and musk.

Many have drawn comparisons between Zara Red Temptation and Baccarat Rouge 540 fragrance. But with an affordable price tag, it’s definitely appealing to every body. 

red temptation

£22.99 – buy now

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Is Red Temptation Zara perfume unisex?

While Red Temptation is primarily marketed towards women, it’s worth noting that fragrances can be subjective and personal preferences may vary. Some men may also find the scent appealing and enjoyable. 

Which Zara smells like Dior?

There are a lot of excellent dupes for Dior fragrances from Zara, make sure to check it out next.

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