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What is Baby Botox? The Trending Treatment Explained

Your baby Botox starter pack.

Last Updated on January 18, 2023

Botox has a bad rep for causing frozen foreheads, expressionless faces and uncomfortable-looking tightness, but there may be another, more minor approach to the treatment: baby Botox.

It’s a similar procedure, but with a much smaller amount of Botox to your facial muscles. Compared to your standard Botox, baby Botox is injected in very precise areas to achieve natural results.

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Everyone has their own way of feeling beautiful. A common misconception about getting procedures like Botox is that you don’t love the way you look.

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However that’s not true for everyone. For some, it’s about feeling comfortable about the way you look and getting Botox can give you more confidence in your appearance as you age.

Since the pandemic, natural beauty has made a comeback and it’s more than just achieving a flawless no-make up make up look. A lot of people want to achieve healthy, beautiful, natural-looking skin, whether through a 10-step skincare routine or injectables.

Getting cosmetic treatments is not a bad thing as long as you know the risks that come with it. So if you’re thinking about getting baby Botox, you should know what you’re getting into.

Here’s everything you need to know.

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How long does baby Botox last?

Compared to regular botox, baby Botox last for around three to four months but it’s not the same for everyone. For some, it can last a lot less than three months or even longer.

If you start to see a few lines, you can choose to get more treatments to maintain smooth results.

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What are the side effects of baby Botox?

Of course, you need to look out for any negative side effects during the first few weeks.

Common short-term side effects include mild swelling and bruising and tenderness around the injected areas, which can subside after a couple of days. But if it lasts longer than a week, you should call your doctor.

What is Baby Botox used for?

Compared to regular Botox, the smaller dosage gives more subtle effect.

It’s mostly used to reduce wrinkles and fine lines on the forehead, crows feet, brow furrows, jawbone, lips, and frown lines.

Baby Botox is also a good option if you prefer a more natural look and won’t give you that frozen forehead look that comes with regular Botox.

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What age should I get baby Botox?

It’s typically recommended for people in their mid-20s to early 30s since baby Botox is the best way to prevent early-onset wrinkles and fine lines.

Even if you’re older than thirty, you can still get choose this option over regular Botox if you want your skin to look refreshed and relaxed without looking like you’ve had work done on your face.

Is baby Botox safer than regular Botox?

Because it requires smaller doses, it is considered less risky than regular Botox. However there’s always a possibility of unfavourable side effects when it comes to any cosmetic procedure.

The key to a good Botox is choosing the right practitioner and clinic, so you should do extensive research if you’re considering getting this procedure.

This means reading through patient testimonials and looking closely at before-and-after pictures to give you an idea of what you might look like after the aesthetic procedure.

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