A Complete Guide On How To Make Money From Renting Out Your Clothes

Get a cash injection while looking after the planet.

Last Updated on November 4, 2022

If you’re a designer fashion junkie and have Gucci handbags collecting dust in your wardrobe (lucky you!), then you might want to try out renting yours out.

The UK clothing rental market is predicted to be worth £2.3 billion by 2029 and with more clothing rental apps than ever before, it’s never been easier to monetise your wardrobe. Start now and reap the benefits of the industry’s growth.

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I’ve been renting my wardrobe out on By Rotation since 2020, and it’s one of the quickest and easiest ways to make a little extra pocket money.

three women wear chanel bags

So how do you start, which apps should you use, and how much can you expect to make? Here’s everything I know.

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Which apps can I use to rent out my wardrobe?

There are plenty of apps and sites you can use to get started.

My favourites are By Rotation, Hurr and My Wardrobe HQ, which also lets renters buy some items, so is a great way to sell your designer gems too.

By Rotation is an app, which can be downloaded on both the Apple store or Google play store, but Hurr and MWHQ can be accessed on a desktop, which can be easier to browse for some.

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How much can I make?

This entirely depends on what and how many items you have to rent out, but By Rotation recommends listing items for 5% of their retail price.

On this basis, you’d need to rent out each item 20 times to make your money back in its entirety.

My Wardrobe HQ has rental prices from £4 up to £118 per day, while bags range from £4 to £147 per day depending on brand and retail price.

Do rental sites take commission?

Yes. My Wardrobe HQ is free to join but manages entire listings, from photographing items to managing transactions. They charge 40% commission for this service.

By Rotation can manage your rental listings too, and for this they charge 15% fee from the lender and a 15% fee when a transaction occurs – plus any cleaning fees or damages. However you can manage it all yourself, and they’ll only take 15% commission.

Hurr charge a 15% service fee to lenders and 15% service fee to renters, so you’re looking at 70% of the rental fees going straight into your pocket.

What if my items get damaged?

As MWHQ manage listings, they’re responsible for repairing and cleaning items with minor wear and tear. However they charge penalties for significant damage.

By Rotation have a very low damage rate and both renters and loaners are reviewed, so you can turn down a renter if you have any concerns about the safety of your item.

If an item is damaged beyond repair, Hurr charge the renter the full market value of the item – so worst case scenario, you could buy a replacement (if still available).

Can I rent out my wedding dress?

Wedding dress rental has gone up over the past few years, with London’s first sustainable wedding dress shop Brides Do Good opening in Fulham last year. It sells pre-loved designer wedding gowns from designers including Vera Wang and Temperley London.

By Rotation accept wedding dress loans, as does MWHQ, and they tend to be around £30-£80 per day.

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How long does it take for me to get paid?

By Rotation pays 5-7 days after the rental period ends, while Hurr pays 4-5 days after the item is returned. MWHQ pay fees monthly.

Do clothing rental sites cater for plus size women? Will I be able to rent out my plus size clothing?

MWHQ have items up a size 20 (although there’s only one size 20 item listed online). Similarly HURR only have 4 items from sizes 20-28 and By Rotation have 14 items from sizes 20-28.

While it’s clear there’s not enough plus size clothing on rental sites, on the plus side your items have a lot less competition.

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Is clothing rentals sustainable?

It’s no secret that overproduction and overconsumption in the fashion industry have negative environmental impacts.

Clothing rentals allow consumers to rent clothing for a certain amount of time. The consumer can then return the clothing at the end of their rental period without purchasing anything.

This is an environmentally friendly way to shop, which reduces waste and pollution. So, you’re not only earning money, but also reducing your carbon footprint.