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The Best Scandi Interiors Brands To Have On Your Radar

They just do it better.

Last Updated on February 7, 2023

The hours I wasted watching Copenhagen Fashion Week (CPHFW) coverage on TikTok last week, is not worth thinking about; I would have saved myself more time and money if I’d flown over to the city and visited each show myself. 

But let’s not dwell on the past. 

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I am, it goes without saying, a huge fan of Scandinavian design and CPHFW got me thinking of all the Scandinavian homeware and interior brands I love so much, too. 

HAY striped vase

The Scandinavians just GET. IT. RIGHT. Their ‘practical beauty’ when it comes to furniture design, speaks right to my soul. So here are my favourite Scandi homeware brands. 

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For me, Muuto is the epitome of Scandi-design, the furniture is nothing short of perfect. The workshop chair has me head over heels; if anyone wants to send me an extremely generous gift then…you know what to do.

On the website, you can browse by categories such as colour, upholstery or product which I think, in true Scandi-fashion, is GENIUS. 


Workshop Chair, £362.70 – buy now

Shop Muuto at professionals.muuto.com

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Looking at a BoConcept sofa is just as – if not more – thrilling as looking at a designer bag. They are a thing of beauty. In fact, everything they design is incredible. Report back when you’re as in love with them as I am. 

Shop BoConcept at boconcept.com


HAY design is not only my favourite Scandinavian homeware brand but my favourite homeware brand ever. The playful, yet chic designs and the use of colour couldn’t feel more ‘me’.

The Sowden kettle and toaster have been on my wishlist for far too long now; the yellow colourway was even the inspiration for my living room colour scheme. I’m a gal obsessed. 


Sowden Kettle, from £105 – buy now

Shop Hay at hay.dk/

OYOY Living 

Although HAY is my favourite, OYOY Living, comes in at a close second. Again, I love the use of colour, but the shape of the homeware designs is really what sells it to me.

Never have I seen a more beautifully shaped bowl than the Toppu Bowl. This needs to be on my kitchen table asap. 


Toppu Bowl, £28.50 – buy now

Shop OYOY at oyoylivingdesign.co.uk/

Bjorn Wiinblad 

Bjorn Wiinblad may be a little more whimsical than the rest of the designers on this list, however, these playful pieces would make such a great addition to your home. Set against something more modern and minimal, I think it would be the perfect juxtaposition and certainly turn heads. 


Bjørn Wiinblad Ceramic Eva Candle Holder Blue 14 Cm, £33 – buy now

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I don’t even know how to use words to describe how beautiful Norr11 products and designs are. They leave me absolutely speechless. The sofas look like industrial marshmallows and I’m totally-100%-here for it. 


Studio Corner, €3,700 – buy now

Shop Norr11 at norr11.com/


If you can make something as every day as a spatula look beautiful then you deserve five gold stars in my book and RIG TIG does just that. While you’re browsing, I’d check out the blue FOODIE electric kettle too – it’s astonishing. 

FOODIE electric kettle

FOODIE electric kettle, €64.95 – buy now

Shop RIG TIK at rig-tig.com/

Iris Hantverk 

Iris Hantverk has made everyday items look simple and beautiful. From bread bags to washing up sponges, it’s all so pretty I’d be reluctant to use it. 

Shop Iris Hantverk at www.irishantverk.se/

Ferm Living 

Ferm Living is giving ‘London hotel’. The minimal designs are as cool as they come and the grid-checked Chambray shower curtain is a personal favourite. 

Chambray Shower Curtain ferm living

Chambray Shower Curtain, £85 – buy now

Shop Ferm Living at fermliving.co.uk/

Why is Scandinavian interior design so popular? 

Due to the Scandinavian climate (the long, cold and dark winters), they place a huge focus on cosy interiors; their homes act as a sanctuary from the outside so they pay particular attention to how they’re decorated.

The level of care, as well as attention to detail, shines through and makes for brilliant products, loved by many.

What defines Scandinavian decor? 

Scandinavian decor does so many things at once: it’s clean, modern, cosy, bright, warm and inviting ALL AT THE SAME TIME – it’s like magic.

The decor is lifestyle focused, not trend-led, which has got to be why it’s so popular; it’s like the cool kid who has no idea they’re cool. 

What makes Scandinavian design so unique?

A lack of clutter is very distinctive to Scandi design; clean lines, minimal spaces and light natural colours set it apart from anything else. 

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What are the key elements of Scandinavian-style interiors? 

You won’t find many Scandinavian-style interiors that don’t embrace natural materials, modern shapes and mixed textures.

Spaces are bright, airy and open, giving you a sense of peace, fresh air and calmness. Think of bringing the outside in, but in a very clean way and you’ve hit the nail on the head. 

What is the advantage of Scandinavian design? 

With a strong focus on quality, simplicity and nature, Scandi-design is built to last. This naturally makes it more sustainable than other designs – it won’t break or go out of style quickly.

The focus is on practicality as well as beauty so you end up with something you need AND love as a result. 

Lindsey is a content creator and founder of House House House. Follow Lindsey on Instagram.

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