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The Interiors Edit: 16 Must-Have Homeware Pieces Handpicked By Our Interiors Editor

Home decor from Oliver Bonas, Glassette, HAY and more.

Last Updated on February 28, 2023

February has brought with it longer(ish) days, daffodils and some gorgeous new homeware pieces.

I’ve been across the internet and back again to find you some of my favourites. If I had the space (and a money tree) I would snap these up immediately. 

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The Interiors Edit

Strawberry Red Ring Dish Oliver Bonas

Strawberry Red Ring Dish, £6.50, Oliver Bonas – buy now

After having a good hard think about it, I’ve come to the conclusion that strawberries are the best-looking fruit.

There might be some more exotic-looking fruit out there…sure, but none are as pretty as the strawberry which is why I’m obsessed with anything strawberry shaped; this dish from Oliver Bonas is no exception.

Spiral Gin Glasses Set of Two Oliver Bonas

Spiral Gin Glasses Set of Two, £27.50, Oliver Bonas – buy now

I’ve found myself collecting quite a few Oliver Bonas gin glasses; they’re always so darn good-looking, I find it hard to resist.

The spiral-shaped glass gives these a very elegant finish. Wouldn’t sipping a cocktail from one be the perfect way to see in the spring weather. 

Set Of 4 Green Glass Tumbler Glasses Rockett St George

Set Of 4 Green Glass Tumbler Glasses, £49, Rockett St George – buy now

There is something about green glassware that wins over my heart and these green glass tumblers have done just that.

Look at these beauties; if they were on Tinder I would be swiping RIGHT. 

Blue Wavy Frame Wall Mirror Rockett St George

Blue Wavy Frame Wall Mirror, £75, Rockett St George – buy now

For me, mirrors are one of the most important things you can have in a room; they add so much light and space – perfect if you want to brighten up a small, dark room.

This mirror is such a work of art it could do the job of adding light as well as being pretty to look at.

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Set Of 4 Colourful Stripe Side Plates Rockett St George

Set Of 4 Colourful Stripe Side Plates, £62, Rockett St George – buy now

I’m so obsessed with these plates I’m tempted to buy them and mount them on my wall.

Plus, I know my parents would hate it, yeah, even at 32 years old I still have a bit of teenage rebellion left in me. 

Terra.Cotto Round Cast Iron Casserole Pot Liberty Sambonet

Terra.Cotto Round Cast Iron Casserole Pot, £175, Sambonet – buy now

It’s not often you find yourself falling in love with a pot, but this Terra.Cotto casserole pot isn’t just any pot – look at that colour, it’s to die for.

1882 LTD.
Max Lamb Crockery Mug

Max Lamb Crockery Mug, £65, 1882 LTD. – buy now

The fact that this mug looks like it’s been reconstructed from a piece of paper is, well, I think anyway, what makes it so wonderful.

We’ve been in this homemade-looking interiors era for a while now and this mug has taken that to the extreme. I love it. 

Small Borosilicate Bowl HAY

Small Borosilicate Bowl, £65, HAY – buy now

HAY can do no wrong in my eyes; they are my favourite homeware brand ever and this blue dish explains why. It’s something so simple, yet so beautiful.

I want it and I want it now – scrap what I said before about needing more space. 

Light Blue Borosilicate Glass Mugs Set of Two HAY

Light Blue Borosilicate Glass Mugs Set of Two, £65, HAY – buy now

I’ll take the mugs to match while we’re here, too. 

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Stripe Napkins 50cm x 50cm Set of Four Dusen Dusen

Stripe Napkins 50cm x 50cm Set of Four, £50, Dusen Dusen – buy now

This set of four napkins would add so much fun to your dinner table. I love how they come in four different colourways, encouraging us all to bring out our inner maximalist.

The quality is amazing and you can never have enough table linen in your life, can you?! 

You Rock three-wick scented candle 420g NEOM

You Rock three-wick scented candle 420g, £50, NEOM – buy now

A pop of red is really fashionable right now in interiors and I think adding something very non-commital, like this candle, is a great way to indulge in that trend if you want to.

NEOM candles smell amazing and anything with notes of frankincense makes me extremely happy. 

Ripple glass serving bowls set of four, £55, ferm LIVING

Ripple glass serving bowls set of four, £55, ferm LIVING – buy now

Wow. Wow. Wow – that’s all. 


Pink Tower Lamp, £310, Pulp Sculptuur at Glassette – buy now

Paper mache lamps might be a little marmite for some, especially when they’re in this Barney-the-Dinosaur purple, but I think (in the right setting) they’re really fun.

Each one of these is made by hand from recycled materials (minus the electrical parts) which is super cool. 

Papier-Mache Tissue Box Cover

Papier-Mache Tissue Box Cover, £35, Pulp Sculptuur at Glasette – buy now

If you don’t want to dive right in with a full-size lamp then this striped tissue box is equally as joy-inducing. And who doesn’t want their tissues to look this good? 

Rust Bold Stripe Hot Water Bottle Chickpea at Glassette

Rust Bold Stripe Hot Water Bottle, £42, Chickpea at Glassette – buy now

My hot water bottle is my best friend, we’ve got through a long hard winter together so I have no reservations in recommending a hot water bottle to you too.

I love the skinny red stripes and the knitted material – it’s so stylish. 

Maura Green Wall Shelf Urban Outfitters

Maura Green Wall Shelf, £149, Urban Outfitters – buy now

I can’t get over how cool this wall shelf from Urban Outfitters is; the design is stunning.

There are a number of ways you could style it up, even playing around with a monochrome look or pops of colour. Personally, I’m a huge fan of the green one, but the black and white are just as good. 

Lindsey is a content creator and Founder of House House House.

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