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What Does ASOS Stand For?

You’ll be surprised!

Last Updated on August 8, 2023

Wondering what ASOS actually stands for? As someone who’s been shopping on ASOS ever since it launched in 1999, I’m here to help. When the brand first arrived on the fashion scene, it was trailblazing and offered many shoppers the chance to copy their favourite celebrities outfits. Since then, they’ve gone through a few re-brands and the name has since been shortened to ASOS. Is it the name of the owner or maybe an abbreviation of something? And then begs the question: how do you actually pronounce ASOS?

But I digress. Let’s take a closer look…

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What does ASOS stand for?

ASOS stands for ‘As Seen On Screen.’ ASOS initially launched as ‘AsSeenOnScreen Limited,’ with founders Nick Robertson and Quentin Griffiths creating a place where shoppers could get outfits inspired by those worn by celebrities. Two years later, they decided to shorten the brand’s name and ended up launching asos.co.uk.

How to pronounce ASOS?

Sorry to burst your bubble, but the correct pronunciation of ASOS is “ace-oss” and not “ass-os.” The brand actually posted this on their website to settle the debate.

Model wears ASOS clothing from @asos on Instagram

Where is ASOS most popular?

Being a London-based retail brand, ASOS is mostly popular in European countries, with most of its sales coming from the United Kingdom but due to its quality and affordable price point, the brand’s popularity has also reached the United States and France.

Are ASOS clothes original?

According to their website, ASOS “only stocks genuine and authentic items” which are from the brands that they offer. The retail giant emphasized “not buying fake” so customers would know that the goods that they were selling were all original and authentic.

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