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Can You Shop Tesco’s F&F Online?

Is Tesco's affordable clothing available on its website?

Last Updated on January 8, 2023

Tesco’s F&F gives Primark a run for its money when it comes to affordable and stylish clothing.

The budget brand is available to shop in over 600 stores, and due to the pandemic, the supermarket chain has now extended its returns policy to 100 days.

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Any clothing I can buy whilst picking up my weekly food shop is a winner with me, but what about shopping online?

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Here, we explain everything you need to know.

Can you shop F&F online?

Unfortunately, you can’t shop F&F directly on Tesco’s website, but it’s not all doom and gloom. You can now buy F&F clothing from Next.co.uk, including both womenswear and childrenswear.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t count towards your Tesco Clubcard points, but the fact you can shop plenty of other brands on the website should soften the blow.

As well as F&F, you’ll find Lipsy, Love & Roses, Barbour, Dune, Phase Eight and many more on Next.co.uk.

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Why is it called F&F?

Another great question. F&F stands for Florence & Fred. It’s unclear why the supermarket named its brand after these two characters.

The brand launched in 2001 in Tesco’s UK and Ireland supermarkets, which had already been established for a long time.

Tesco itself is named after TE Stockwell and Jack Cohen. Cohen started selling groceries from a stall in London’s East End in 1919, and Stockwell was a partner in the firm of tea suppliers that supplied Tesco Tea – the brand’s first own-brand product.

If F&F sustainable?

On Tesco’s “Made Mindfully” page, the brand shows its commitment to environmentally-friendly and sustainable practices. It mentions that F&F sources most of their products responsibly and ethically. F&F has also pledged their support, along with 30 other UK brands and retailers, to Textiles 2030

Tesco is transparent about the materials they use in their clothing items. They mention that only half of their products were made with eco-friendly materials. F&F aims to have all its products made from 100% organic cotton by 2025.

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