Does Massimo Dutti Run Small? Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Their Sizing

Try this for size.

Massimo Dutti became known for its classic take on menswear— think chinos, blue shirts, and brown suede shoes—but they rose to popularity by becoming the go-to place for chic womenswear.

Their luxe designs are heavily inspired by the sleek, tailored style of Northern Italy, which many high-end brands are from.

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woman wearing Massimo Dutti dress
Massimo Dutti

Under the same company as Zara—Inditex Group in Spain—Massimo Dutti stands out from other brands for its sophisticated touch on basics and highly stylized clothes that can compete with pieces from luxury brands. Even their shop windows exude the same modern elegance as high-end stores.

I’m still surprised that they offer clothes that look like something from a Prada or Chanel campaign for purse-friendly prices. But are they true to size?

Their parent company Zara has been criticized for their unrealistic sizes, which can make anyone worry about buying clothes from Massimo Dutti—even if their designs look great.

woman wearing Massimo Dutti jacket and scarf
Massimo Dutti

I know you want to know which size you should get, but it’s always better to go in-store to try different sizes before buying something.

Many of us are busy so we usually buy online, where it’s harder to gauge if the sizes would fit you once it’s delivered. To help you out, here’s everything you need to know about Massimo Dutti’s sizing.

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Does Massimo Dutti’s sizing come up small?

I scoured through reviews to see what users are saying about the brand’s sizing, and it looks like they have the sizing issue as Zara—they come up small.

Although it’s not as extreme, many people had to get their tops and blouses a size up.

One Twitter user even complained about how she had to buy an XL despite being medium or large at most stores. Massimo Dutti’s official account replied that their size guides follow standard European sizing, which can tricky when converted to different size guides.

woman wearing Massimo Dutti dress
Massimo Dutti

When it comes to trousers, they come up fairly true, but it’s still advised to try two different sizes just to be sure.

But even though the brand has a few sizing issues, many of its customers praise the brand for its high-quality pieces—a good compromise for having to try a few different sizes to buy the best fit.

If you want a perfect fit, they also offer Personal Tailoring services. All you need to do is visit any of their shops to get a custom tailored suit or shirt.

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What size do Massimo Dutti models wear?

Massimo Dutti don’t disclose the sizes the models are wearing. We can assume they are small, but it doesn’t necessarily matter. Stylists often pin clothes on models to ensure they look their best in the photos.

It would be best to refer to specific product descriptions for exact measurements of the pieces you want to buy.

Do Massimo Dutti coats run big or small?

The coats are relatively true to size. However blazers and jackets run small.

When it comes to length, the brand mentions the back length of the coat or jacket in its product descriptions.

Coat size guide

Are Massimo Dutti shoes true to size?

They also have great shoes, and they’re pretty true to size. However, you may need to size up for pumps and heels if you have wide feet.

Massimo Dutti doesn’t do half sizes.

Massimo Dutti size guide UK

When you click on a specific product, you can see its size guide. Since the brand follows a European standard, it can get confusing when converting it to UK sizes.

Looksize has a detailed size guide for Massimo Dutti. From shoes to dresses, you can find everything you need to know.

You can also click the ‘Discover Your Size’ option in their product descriptions if you want something a little more accurate.

woman wearing Massimo Dutti coat
Massimo Dutti

Is Massimo Dutti a luxury brand?

It’s easy to see why people can mistake it for a luxury brand; their refined basics and classic tailoring mimic designs from designer brands.

The Spanish brand however is high-street and affordable but slightly pricier than others.

Does Massimo Dutti have plus size collections?

Massimo Dutti doesn’t have a dedicated plus-size collection, however, they do offer 2XL sizes which is a size 40 in the UK. The brand does run small, so there’s a chance that it’s not true to size and there aren’t other options for sizing up.