Hermès Birkin Bag Prices: How Much Are They and Are They Worth It?

Are they worth the investment?

Last Updated on September 11, 2023

Wondering how much Hermès Birkin bags are right now and if they are worth the price? They don’t come much more iconic than the Birkin. The bag has been the topic of not one but two storylines on Sex And The City (once when Samantha used actress Lucy Liu to try to get her hands on one, another when Seema’s got stolen in …And Just Like That), it’s been seen on the arms of fashion royalty like Victoria Beckham, Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, Lady Gaga, Kate Moss, Kim Kardashian and more, and has won itself a reputation of being the most sought after arm candy on the planet.

The Birkin bag has become a symbol of wealth and status, but it’s also an overall masterpiece made from handcrafted and exquisite materials – and a jaw-dropping price tag to go with it. But how much is a Hermès Birkin in 2023 and is it really worth the price? That’s what we’re exploring, right here.

Before we dive into the details, read everything you need to know about buying luxury designer handbags or read more about the huge trend of oversized totes. Now, onto the main event: Birkin bags!

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What is a Hermès Birkin?

Named after the late singer and actress Jane Birkin, the Hermès Birkin handbag is among the most sought-after luxury bags in the world. The Birkin bag was born in 1981 during the actress’ flight from Paris to London. At the time, she was carrying the famous wicker basket, which she often used at the time. However, because of its style, the lid came off, making all of her possessions scatter across the aeroplane floor as she placed her bags in the over-head compartment.

Fate collided after Hermès’ executive chairman, Jean-Louis Dumas unexpectedly met Birkin and introduced himself. As Jane Birkin discussed the challenge of finding the right everyday bag for a then-young mother like her, right then and there, Jean-Louis Dumas sketched a rough draft of what would become the iconic Birkin. It includes a spacious compartment, a flap, panels, a strap, and a handle. The first ever Hermès Birkin was publicly introduced in 1984, three years after Dumas and Jane Birkin’s interaction inside the airplane. Decades later, it is still one of the iconic bags that every collector wants to get their hands on. 

Victoria Beckham wearing a Hermes Birkin bag in 2007

How much is the Hermès Birkin?

As mentioned, it is a highly sought-after bag and unfortunately, a difficult-to-purchase fashion item due to the overwhelming demand. On top of this, the French luxury design house joins other brands like Chanel and Louis Vuitton in annual price increases, especially for their classic bags.

The price of the Birkin starts at around $10,000 just for the basic design alone. At this price, you’re looking at the smaller sizes too. However this eye-watering price rises significantly for larger sizes, exotic materials like crocodile or alligator skin, limited edition styles and those with special features. Some of the most expensive Birkin bags to ever sell include the Matte Himalaya Niloticus Crocodile Birkin 35 with 18-karat white gold and diamond hardware, which sold for £236,750 at auction in 2018, and a Birkin that sold for £162,500 at auction in 2019.

Unfortunately, you can’t buy it online or just walk into any Hermès store to purchase the bag. You either need to be on the waitlist or be a loyal customer of the brand. Another option if you are in dire need of Hermès Birkin is buying it secondhand; just be careful with class A fakes. If you’re looking to buy new, it’s best to contact an Hermès boutique or authorised dealer.

The most popular Hermès Birkin bag

Joining Hermès’ Kelly as one of the brand’s most popular items, the Birkin bag is also adored by the majority of collectors due to its style and functionality, not to mention that it is the most searched for of all Hermès bags. Below, I’ve listed the most sought-after Birkin bags of all time.

Hermès Birkin 25 Gold

The Birkin 25 features the classic butter tan hue with gold-plated hardware. The size of it is 25cm x 19cm x 13cm, hence the name Hermès Birkin 25. As for the price, this precious bag retails for £6,800, according to Spotted Fashion.

Hermès Birkin 30

Ideal for everyday use because of its size, the Hermès Birkin 30 measures 30cm x 22cm x 16cm, making it fit for most essentials, including your phone and even an iPad. According to Bagover, the price of the Birkin 25 ranges from £8,300 for the Togo to £34,800 for the Birkin 25 MatteGator. 

Hermès Birkin 35

Slightly bigger than the Birkin 30, the Hermès Birkin 35 can hold all your must-have items. If you have a packed day, this is the perfect bag to use because it can store a small water bottle, makeup bag, book, wallet, and phone. It can also be carried on the forearm or by hand.

Hermès Birkin 40

Last on the list of the Hermès Birkin 40. If the Hermès Birkin 30 is great as an everyday bag, the Hermès Birkin 40 might be your go-to airport bag since it measures 40cm x 30cm x 21 cm. This style costs around £19,600 or more, depending on the type and material.