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H&M’s Innovation Re-Enchantment Story Has Landed

The best collection yet.

Last Updated on March 23, 2023

It’s time to get excited, as H&M has just dropped another Innovation Story: the Re-Enchantment collection.

This time around, you can expect exquisite, handcrafted mini dresses and co-ordinated sets, and like the collections that came before it, a strong emphasis on sustainable and innovative design.

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The H&M Innovation Re-Enchantment Design Story collection has a touch of sixties-inspired glamour, all made possible using 100% recycled-content sequins, rhinestones, and beads.

woman wearing one of the H&M Innovation Re-Enchantment Design Story collection.

For those who may not know, the previous collection Metaverse Design Story, showcased futuristic looks. In contrast, the upcoming Re-Enchantment Design Story is expected to feature a distinct and captivating design aesthetic.

Past themes explored by the platform have included animal prints and sustainable alternatives to animal-derived materials, as well as circular design strategies that focus on repurposing materials and fabrics that utilize reclaimed waste.

Ann-Sofie Johansson, the creative advisor at H&M, explains: “With this collection, we wanted to focus on the progress H&M has made with recycled-content embellishments.

“It’s always important to take a long-term perspective when it comes to sustainability, while at the same time agitating for change.

“Increasing the recycled content of the sequins, beads and rhinestones to 100% in this collection represents years of hard work and collaboration between multiple teams at H&M, and we know it will have a big impact on future collections.

 H&M Innovation Re-Enchantment Design Story collection

Meanwhile Ella Soccorsi, assortment designer at H&M, adds: “This collection celebrates the wonder of the natural world with beautifully embellished looks designed to delight.

“Not only are they dazzling from a fashion perspective, but they represent a milestone in more sustainably sourced embellishments, something we’ve worked hard to improve over the last eight years.”

It’s no secret that H&M’s sustainability efforts have faced extensive criticism, with the brand being accused of greenwashing. As a fast fashion brand, it’s fair to say that it can’t ever be truly sustainable, but their commitment to discovering new and eco-friendly fabrics and production methods is a step in the right direction.

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women wearing  one of the H&M Innovation Re-Enchantment Design Story collection

When is H&M’s Innovation Re-Enchantment Story available to buy?

You can now buy H&M Innovation Re-Enchantment Design Story collection online at hm.com. It’s set to sell out fast.

How much does H&M’s Innovation Re-Enchantment Story cost?

The collection’s prices range from £124.99 to £299.99.

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What is H&M Innovation?

At the beginning of 2021, H&M launched its Innovation Stories platform, which features a series of thoughtfully curated themed collections focused on promoting sustainable materials, cutting-edge technologies, and eco-friendly production processes.

H&m innovation enchantment story

Shop the collection

Rhinestone-embellished denim jacket

Rhinestone-embellished denim jacket, £119.99

Rhinestone-embellished slit-hem jeans, £119.99

Beaded twill waistcoat

Beaded twill waistcoat, £119.99

Beaded twill wrap skirt, £119.99

Rhinestone-embellished A-line dress

Rhinestone-embellished A-line dress, £99.99

Embellished mesh trousers

Embellished mesh popover shirt, £99.99

Embellished mesh trousers, £79.99

Beaded halterneck top

Beaded halterneck top, £149.99

Rhinestone-embellished bandeau dress

Rhinestone-embellished bandeau dress, £149.99

Rhinestone-embellished mini bag

Rhinestone-embellished mini bag, £59.99

Frill-trimmed slip dress

Frill-trimmed slip dress, £79.99

Sequined mini dress

Sequined mini dress, £229.99

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