How to Cancel Shein Order and Get a Refund – Everything You Need to Know

Everything you need to know about cancelling your SHEIN order

Last Updated on September 20, 2023

Wanting to cancel a SHEIN order and get a refund? Then you have come to the right place. Here, we’ll go through everything you need to know in a handy step-by-step guide. As a stylist and content creator, I have had a lot of experience in returning items that are sometimes not quite right for you.

The good news is that many high street brands realise this and make returning items quite simple – providing you know exactly what to do. Here’s how you cancel an order on SHEIN and get a refund. Before we begin, you may want to check out our comprehensive step-by-step guide about how to return an item on Zara. Let’s kick off.

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How to cancel an order on SHEIN

We’ve gone through the website and found a section that speaks directly to those wanting to cancel an order on SHEIN. According to the official website, you can cancel an order providing it has not shipped. You can check the status of your order in the My Orders page on the SHEIN website.

If the order has shipped, then you won’t be able to cancel it. You’ll instead need to return the item, using a return label, within a period of 45 days since placing the order.

According to the website:

  • The items must be returned within 45 days from the date of purchase.
  •  The items must be unused, undamaged and in their original packaging.

To cancel an unshipped order on SHEIN, head to the ‘My Orders’ page and click ‘Cancel Order’. When an order is cancelled, if you have paid and the item has not shipped, you can choose where the funds are returned. They can go into your SHEIN wallet, if you have one, or it can be put back on to the payment account you used to make the order. Common reasons to cancel an item are typically:

  • You may have ordered the wrong size
  • You may have found something else more suitable
  • You are having second thoughts
  • It’s perhaps more expensive than you think it’s worth

Before cancelling, we advise asking yourself the following:

  • Why are you cancelling? It could be worth trying the item first to see if it turns out better than you expected. So often I have ordered something then instantly regretted it. But I have also been pleasantly surprised when something has come and I ended up really liking it. Of course, it all comes down to your choice, but sometimes it’s good idea to try the item and at least then you’ll really know.

According to Shein, payment returns can take between 1-15 business days and you’ll need to state the reason why you’ve cancelled the order. It’s also worth noting that if you used a Gift Card to make the order which is then cancelled, the funds used will automatically go back on to the Gift Card.

The SHEIN website states: “Please note that returns can take up to 7 business days to be processed and all returned items are verified and inspected by our team. Once we confirm your return, the refund processing time from SHEIN’s side is always 24 hours. Since different payment methods have different processing times, the exact time for the refund depends on the official processing time of your bank.”

Why can’t I cancel my SHEIN order?

If you find yourself unable to cancel your SHEIN order, there will be a good reason why. If your order has already shipped it cannot be cancelled. If you’ve changed your mind, you’ll need to return the order once you’ve received it. This is a longer process, but you’ll get your money back in the end.

Similarly if you place an order then realise you missed something, you’ll need to cancel the original order if it hasn’t already shipped and create a new order to include every item you want to order. Shein doesn’t automatically combine orders, so you’ll need to pay shipping twice if you make two orders.

When will I receive my refund from SHEIN?

This is where it can become a bit confusing. After some digging we found a section of the SHEIN website that has a handy table complete with expected times to wait for refunds. We’ve put the information below for you.

  • SHEIN GIFT CARD: 24 hours until the funds / balance is returned
  • SHEIN WALLET: 24 hours
  • Paypal: 1-5 business days
  • Credit / Debit card: 1-15 business days

Remember, ‘business days’ does not include the weekends or bank holidays, so keep that in mind when you’re tracking your refund. It’s also worth noting that the original shipping fee and handling fee are non-refundable, so we advise not cancelling orders too much, especially if you have paid for them, as these smaller costs could well rack up over time.

SHEIN just cancelled my order – why?

SHEIN state they may cancel your order if they didn’t receive the documents they use to verify your payment or if the item you ordered is not available and you did not ask for a replacement. That’s all you need to know about how to cancel and order on SHEIN. If you’re fond of the brand, why not check out our other SHEIN content, including is SHEIN ethical and sustainable. You can also find a ton of information on the SHEIN FAQ, but hopefully you now know everything you need.

Cancelling a SHEIN order FAQ

Can I cancel a SHEIN order?

Yes, you can. But you can only do this if the order has not been shipped. If it’s been shipped, then you’re going to need to follow the returns policy.

Does SHEIN refund if you cancel order?

Yes. If you cancel an order then you will get a refund for the item. The time it takes to get a refund depends on what payment method you used. We have detailed these timings in the article above.