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Veganuary 2021: 5 vegan fashion brands to support this Veganuary

Cruelty-free fashion for all!

Veganuary isn’t just about ditching meat and dairy. The month-long vegan challenge can also incorporate ditching animal products in your wardrobe, such as leather, suede, cashmere and fur, or going cold turkey on any products that are made using or harming animals.

While real fur is becoming rare these days, animal products in fashion are still commonplace. Think of your leather Dr Martens or your silk pyjamas, for example.

If you’re taking part in Veganuary in 2021 and want to know where to shop going forward, look no further.

Here are five vegan fashion brands you can buy from now.

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Jakke LDN

Katie Faux Fur Long Coat Faces from jakke ldn

Faux fur coat, £279, Jakke – buy now

If Carrie Bradshaw is your style icon and you’re never seen dead without a glamorous coat draped across your shoulders, this is the brand for you.

The premium brand’s are known for their faux fur coats in a variety of gorgeous colours and patterns, but they also sell faux leather and suede coats, puffers, knitwear and accessories.

The best part? All of their garments are animal friendly and free from fur, feathers, wool and animal skin, and they’re sustainable too.

Read more about their cruelty-free practises here and sustainability pledge here.

Free People

People Tree V&A Neha Print Maxi Dress

Dress, £155, People Tree – buy now

People Tree are well known for being one of the first and most trustworthy brands when it comes to sustainability, ethics and fair treatment to animals.

Award-winning social entrepreneur and author Safia Minney founded the company in 1991 and it has continued to grow year on year.

Now People Tree offer almost anything, from dresses to underwear and accessories.

Read about People Tree’s story here.

Matt & Nat


Tote bag, £110, Matt & Nat – buy now

While fur is known as being unbelievably cruel and unethical, many fashion brands continue to produce leather goods.

Matt & Nat offer gorgeous vegan leather bags, wallets and accessories, and they’re as chic as they are cruelty-free.

As well as being 100% vegan, the linings of every bag are made from 100% recycled bottles too and the brand regularly also source sustainable materials to use in design such as cork and rubber.

Read about their ethics and sustainability here and their materials here.

Free People

No Other Moto Jacket from Free People

Jacket, £368, Free People – buy now

While not 100% vegan, Free People have a vegan shop on their website to make it clear what’s made without animal products.

The brand is a boho babe’s dream, with flowing dresses, tough leather jackets, summer-inspired blouses and incredible coats galore.

Animal lovers will also appreciate that Free People teamed up with Best Friends Animal Society to support their mission to save all shelter animals across the US by 2025.

Read more about their ethics and sustainability pledge here.

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Bag, £350, Shrimps – buy now

British fashion brand Shrimps are best known for their beaded bags and gorgeous fur coats, but many will be surprised to hear that they’re cruelty free.

Shrimps reject animal leather or fur, although they do use wool in their products, which you may or may not be comfortable with.

The brand continue to source recycled fabrics for their designs, such as recycled wool outerwear and recycled polyester faux-sheepskin.

Read about their ethics, sustainability and cruelty-free practises here.

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