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When is Black Friday 2021?

Take note.

If there’s anything I like more than shopping for clothes, it’s shopping for clothes at discounted prices. That’s why I’m already looking forward to Black Friday 2021.

It is believed that the shopping holiday is called so because businesses sell their items at a loss or their books are in the ‘red’ until the day after Thanksgiving in the United States, where the sales allow them to actually make a profit or put them ‘into the black.’

But that’s not really an accurate explanation, according to Brittanica. The phrase is said to be from Philadelphia, where shopping tourists would flock to get their holiday shopping in. The day would be chaotic, with not just shopping but also incidents of shoplifting, traffic jams, and accidents. Hence, the tag ‘Black Friday.’

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black friday sale 2021

When is Black Friday 2021?

This year, Black Friday falls on 26 November, but you’re probably going to see sales and deals even before the day. Brands often start offering discounts at the start of the month.

Aside from the shopping holiday on Friday, some brands have also taken to running sales on different dates. There’s Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday.

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when is black friday

Is it worth waiting for Black Friday?

I know it’s months away, but that only gives me more time to really think about what I need to get. If you’re eyeing something and you can wait till the occasion before buying it, I say it’s worth waiting for Black Friday. It’s also the perfect time to buy gifts for your friends and family.

Most brands partake in the event too, so you’ll have lots to choose from depending on your needs. Among those that are known to run big sales during this time are Selfridges, AllSaints, Net-a-Porter, and even seemingly sales-averse Zara.

There are rumours that some retailers up their prices before Black Friday, before reducing them back down again however – meaning you’re not really saving much money at all in some cases. To avoid this, keep your eyes peeled for changing prices so you don’t get duped.

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