6 trans and non-binary fashion influencers you need to follow now

You won't regret it.
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One of the things we most love about fashion at Wear Next is that everyone can enjoy it. It boosts confidence, lets us express ourselves and bolsters creativity. While trans and non-binary fashion-lovers haven’t been visible in the media for as long as we can remember, it’s great to see the community finally given a platform through social media – namely, Instagram.

We’ve found 6 of the most fabulous fashion influencers for you to follow for outfit inspiration and inspiring content. Not only will you learn a thing or two about fashion, but we love how they combine their slick style with important discussion on LGBTQI+ issues that we can all learn from.

Jamie Windust

We’re starting with Jamie because they’re a complete force: they’re Editor-in-Chief of award-winning magazine FRUITCAKE, author of In Their Shoes set to be released in October, a model and public speaker.

To top it off, their style is ludicrously good.

If you’re looking for beige, you can keeping swiping because Jamie is all about colour, pattern and picture-perfect make-up looks that require a professional to recreate.

Follow Jamie on Instagram here.

Alok Vaid-Menon

You may have heard them on Jameela Jamil’s i-weigh podcast among many others. As a fashion creative, it’s no wonder that their Insta-posts give us real outfit envy too.

View this post on Instagram

“It was through reading – getting lost/found in books – that I learned that reality is not a fixed pre-discursive system, it is a political aesthetic that gets naturalized and standardized by people with power. Literature taught me both that words create worlds and that many worlds are possible. The dominant world order is not the only one, it is one of infinite possibilities. I was denied power, autonomy, and control in the normative world, so I built my own reality that worked for me. My creative practice was how I felt alive, the rest of the time I was just there. It was more about the energy than the form. I felt – and I needed somewhere to put the feeling. In that way it didn’t matter if I was making music, making visual art, writing poems, putting together an outfit – I didn’t differentiate. They were just extensions of me…It strikes me that the boundaries that draw between disciplines have more to do with power than poetry. When I listen to music I see images, when I design clothes I am writing stories, when I take a photo of myself I am speaking. Is it synthesia or is it just, being an artist? If we lead with feeling and are less tethered to form, we create so much more interesting work.” . I have a new long form interview with @centerforliterature at the link in my bio. The process was refreshing: I got a question every morning and I would reflect all day and respond at night. One question, one day at a time. I hope it resonates. Photo @johnkeonphoto | Makeup: @theladydeja | Hair: @deetrannybear | @double_d_production

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We could give you hundreds of reasons why you need to follow superstar, Alok Vaid-Menon. Another multi-hyphenate, Alok boasts credentials as author of Beyond The Gender Binary, model, live performer, poet, fashion designer…their talents are truly endless.

Follow Alok on Instagram here.

Vivek Shraya

Vivek Shraya is a Canadian artist and creator, who has dipped her toes in any kind of artistry you can imagine. A best-selling author, musician, playwright and visual artist, there’s so much of Vivek’s work to discover (and gorge on) when you follow her.

Her book I’m Afraid Of Men takes an unafraid look at toxic masculinity and Vivek’s personal experience with its various forms and was branded ‘cultural rocket fuel’ by Vanity Fair, and she’s written 9 others – the 11th arriving next year.

If that wasn’t enough, Vivek’s album with Queer Songbook Orchestra, Part‑Time Woman was nominated for the Polaris Music Prize and according to her website, Vivek is also working on adapting her debut play How To Fail As A Popstar into a TV pilot script.

Her beautiful style is colourful, inspiring, glamorous and unique.

Follow Vivek on Instagram here.

Munroe Bergdorf

Munroe first came onto our radar in 2017 when L’Oreal hired her as the first ever trans woman to front one of their campaigns, then dropped her for speaking out against racism.

As a mixed race trans woman of white English and black Jamaican heritage, Munroe is an unafraid and comforting voice for women and trans people of colour – so it was incredibly disappointing that L’Oreal chose to take this stance.

The incident raised Munroe’s profile, and the following year she fronted Channel 4 documentary What Makes A Woman. She also won a Cosmopolitan Award, walked several runways at London and New York Fashion Weeks and was awarded an honorary doctorate from the University of Brighton for her work for transgender rights.

In a surprising turn of events, L’Oreal later saw the error of their ways and their new president Delphine Viguier apologised to Munroe in 2020. Following the apology, the model and activist joined the brand’s UK diversity and inclusion advisory board.

Munroe’s Instagram offers so much to her followers. From educational content, to unbelievable fashion, it’s not to be missed.

Follow Munroe on Instagram here.


Formerly known as Ari Fitz, ARROWS is an non-binary ASOS Insider with serious style offering up unisex looks you can shop online instantly.

Their style is so multifaceted, you never know what you’re gonna get. From bright, bold make-up looks (see below), to minimal and chic dresses, we love how they mix it up.

ARROWS also has a YouTube channel with 259K subscribers, offering viewers an insight into their life as a non-binary model, outfit ideas, personal stories and more.

Follow ARROWS on Instagram here.

Kenny Ethan Jones

Kenny is a trans model, activist, writer and entrepreneur with slick style. He’s modelled for magazines and brands including Dazed & Confused, Gay Times, River Island and Jacamo, and he uses his Instagram presence to have open and honest conversations about trans rights, racism, mental health, body politics and menstruation all while sharing colourful and cool outfits.

In 2018, he became the first ever trans man to front a period campaign when he worked on tampon subscription service Pink Parcel’s I’m On campaign, which finally started a conversation about men who menstruate.

He’s also dating body positive activist Megan Jayne Crabbe.

Follow Kenny on Instagram here.

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