Shein Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sale 2023 – Dates, Discounts & More

Everything you need to know.

Last Updated on October 11, 2023

Black Friday is just a few weeks away, so if you’re planning to make any purchases from Shein, I’m sharing what you need to know before doing so. Shein is the biggest fast fashion brand on the planet, producing between 35,000 to 100,000 new items every single day. There’s so much choice, it can feel impossible to know where to start.

This level of mass production also has a devastating impact on the planet, with 6.3million tones of carbon dioxide being released into the atmosphere as a direct consequence of the amount Shein produces.

The human impact of Shein is also notable. A Channel 4 documentary found that Shein paid garment works as little as 3p per item and forced to work shifts of up to 18 hours. So while the clothing is cheap, there are very real consequences.

Shein almost always has sales, so when it comes to Black Friday, you can expect to see huge discounts. If you’re living on a tight budget and can only afford to shop at fast fashion brands like Shein, this shopping day can be really helpful.

Below, I’m sharing the facts about Shein’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales so you can make a choice yourself. Next, read about the Black Friday sales at Zara, Matches Fashion, ASOS and H&M.

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What is Black Friday?

Black Friday is an annual shopping event which takes place the day after Thanksgiving in the US and lands on the fourth Friday of November every year. It sees stores offering huge discounts across all categories from tech to fashion and marks the start of the Christmas shopping season.

The discounts often run throughout the weekend and into Monday, which is now referred to as Cyber Monday. As the name suggests, this is when the discounts are held predominantly online.

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When is Black Friday?

Black Friday takes place on the last Friday of November every year. In 2023, Black Friday will be on November 24th. Cyber Monday happens the following Monday, when all discounts are held exclusively online. In 2023, Cyber Monday is on November 27th.

Does Shein have a Black Friday sale?

Shein takes part in Black Friday and Cyber Monday every year, so if you want to make the most of the discounted prices, Black Friday is a good time to do so.

That said, Shein is always very cheap and almost always offers discounts. Beware of brands that raise their prices before Black Friday then offer discounts that just take them back down to their regular prices. Last year, PriceSpy monitored prices across 6,100 shops in the six weeks before Black Friday and found that 31% of products rose in price.

How much can you expect to save?

Shein regularly offer up to 60% off during the biggest shopping weekend of the year. You can also get free shipping on orders over $50, but this varies.

We can’t say for certain how much Shein will slash off their prices, but we can expect it to be around a similar amount.

I’ll be regularly updating this article, so check back for more information as we near Black Friday.

What about Cyber Monday?

Shein also takes part in Cyber Monday, often increasing their discounts for the virtual shopping event. This is the last time you can make the most of the annual shopping event, so by offering even greater discounts they’re encouraging you to spend more while you can.

Our tips for shopping the Shein Black Friday sale

We all know that Black Friday can be overwhelming. There’s so much choice, whether you’re planning to shop exclusively at Shein or elsewhere. It’s really easy to overspend or buy items you don’t really want. Avoid that issue by really considering what you need before the sale starts. Are there any gaps in your wardrobe that you’ve been meaning to fill for a long time? Are there any gifts in particular that your loved ones have asked for? Make a wish list ahead of the sale so you don’t end up buying more than you need.

If you’ve decided you do want to make the most of the discount, sign up to the Shein newsletter and/or download the app to ensure you’re the first to know when it starts. You can also sign up to our newsletter, where we’ll be sharing the best offers during the sale period.

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Wear Next opinion

As consumers are becoming savvier to the impact of overconsumption on our environment and the individuals working to produce garments, many brands have decided to boycott Black Friday over the past few years. This includes brands like MonkiNext, and Rixo, all of which opted out of Black Friday in 2022.

While we don’t condone overspending, we do want fashion to be accessible to those impacted by inflation as well as those who struggle to shop sustainably due to size constraints.

We love fashion and the freedom of self-expression it brings and understand you’re going to want to shop the sales. We encourage you to be mindful of your spending and avoid buying items you’re likely to to discard of in a year’s time.

Shop smarter, not harder this Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Ensure you’re not overspending by setting yourself a budget beforehand and creating a wish list of items you actually need rather than want – including Christmas gifts for others – if you are going to spend.

If you can, shop from small businesses and sustainable brands rather than fast fashion giants. If an item costs a lot, it’s likely because the brands are paying their workers fairly.

You can read about Shein’s sustainability and ethics here.