Swapping Clothes Has Never Been Easier, Thanks to This New Platform

The most affordable and sustainable way to shop.

Last Updated on September 20, 2021

If you’re looking for a cheap and easy way to shop sustainably, clothes swapping could be the answer.

Sustainable fashion has often been criticised for being costly. Made-to-order pieces and sustainable materials don’t come cheap, and as fast fashion offers such unbelievably low prices, spending your hard-earned cash on eco-friendly labels at higher prices isn’t accessible for everybody.

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However there’s a new way to take part in the slow fashion movement without having to spend a penny.

Clothes swapping allows you to donate unwanted items in your wardrobe while getting someone else’s pre-loved pieces in return and you can now do it from the sofa.

We’ve been swapping our unwanted pieces with friends and family for years, but since the pandemic, much of our clothing consumption habits have moved online.

Much like the clothing rental movement, there are now online platforms that make swapping clothes much easier. As well as clothing rental app Nuw, Don’t Shop, Swap is a new gamified clothes swapping platform that allows users to clear out their wardrobes and use their unwanted clothes as currency.

Lydia Hartley, founder of Don’t Shop, Swap, explains the drive behind the platform and says, “We are on a mission to save the world from the harmful environmental impacts of the fast fashion industry and to make second-hand apparel affordable and accessible for all.”

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So how does it work?

‘Swap players’ will be given full access to the clothing available to swap on the platform and will be able to swap an unlimited number of items per month.

Subscribers will send their unwanted clothes to Don’t Shop, Swap and receive bronze, silver or gold digital coins in return, based on the quality, condition and desirability of the items. These coins can then be used to spend on site.

Top players, leader boards and early access to drops will be introduced later this year, allowing swap players to compete for the best items and the top spot.

The site is being piloted in London from next month, targeting eco-conscious fashion students with hopes to expand to other university towns and cities across the UK next year.

If you’re as excited about the launch as we are, you can sign up to Don’t Shop, Swap‘s waiting list to be the first to know when it’s live.

If you have a packed wardrobe that can’t wait to be cleared out, there are some great alternatives that you can use right now.

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Nuw is a clothes swapping app that allows users to upload clothing, shoes and accessories they no longer want in exchange for silver or gold tokens.

These tokens can then be used to ‘buy’ other user’s pre-loved pieces, and while the app is completely free to use, the person receiving the item is required to cover the cost of postage.

Download the app here.


As well as swapping old clothes, Swopped can recycle them too.

All you need to do is send your unwanted clothing over to the team and they’ll do the rest.



As well as buying vintage and pre-loved, Vinted allows users to swap clothes too.

There’s a huge selection to choose from, making it the world’s biggest pre-loved fashion marketplace.

Download the app here.

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