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Is Burberry Ethical and Sustainable?

Many designer brands are working towards sustainability, but is Burberry one of them?

Last Updated on June 1, 2023

Designer brands are playing a pivotal role in driving sustainability within the fashion industry. Through the utilization of sustainable materials, waste reduction measures, and initiatives aimed at empowering workers, they are actively contributing to the creation of a more sustainable future for fashion.

But does Burberry uphold these principles?

Burberry, a leading luxury fashion house, is famous for several reasons. Founded in 1856, it has a long history of excellence. The iconic Burberry trench coat, originally designed for soldiers in World War I, has become a fashion staple. 

woman wears burberry trench coat

Today, Burberry stands as one of the most valuable and influential fashion houses globally.

The brand’s distinctive check pattern is widely recognized and utilized across various products. Its advertising campaigns and celebrity endorsements have further contributed to its fame and success. 

As shoppers increasingly recognize the environmental impact of the fashion industry, there is a growing prioritization of sustainability. This shift in consumer awareness has prompted numerous fashion entities to work on sustainability and ethical practices.

We appreciate the emergence of more sustainable brands to choose from, but can Burberry be trusted to provide the same level of commitment to these values?

Read on to find out.

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Is Burberry Sustainable?

Burberry’s strategy places significant emphasis on environmental and social responsibility. Their goals include reducing environmental impact, enhancing working conditions in the supply chain, and increasing transparency.

Since then, Burberry has achieved some progress, such as a 20% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and an increased use of sustainable materials in their products. 

Burberry has demonstrated a commitment to transparency by sharing a list of their top suppliers and making social and environmental impact reports easily accessible online. 

This move signifies their efforts to provide stakeholders with greater visibility into their supply chain practices and their impact on the environment and society. Good On You, a platform that rates brands’ ethical practices, has given Burberry a rating of ‘It’s a Start,’ acknowledging their initial progress in the journey towards improved sustainability and ethics.

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Is Burberry Ethical?

Burberry’s performance in the 2022 Fashion Transparency Index garnered a score of 31-40%. This indicates a moderate level of transparency in disclosing information about their practices. 

Overall, while Burberry has made strides towards becoming a more ethical company, further improvements are necessary to address the remaining challenges and enhance their ethical practices.

Burberry’s Animal Welfare Policy

Burberry has established an Animal Welfare Policy that outlines its dedication to animal welfare. The policy ensures that the materials used by Burberry are sourced from suppliers who meet stringent animal welfare standards. 

Transparency from suppliers regarding their animal welfare practices is also a key focus for Burberry.

The policy covers various aspects of animal welfare, including fur, down, leather, wool, and silk. Burberry has phased out the use of real fur in its products and has banned angora and exotic skins.

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Wear Next believes it’s important to highlight the negative and unjust practises taking place in the fashion industry. We believe ethics and sustainability are important talking points to bring about change and we encourage you to contact fashion brands to demand this.

However, we understand that sustainable fashion isn’t accessible to everybody due to various factors, such as budget and the ability to find confidence-boosting clothes that fit. We will continue to offer you fashion inspiration and guidance to suit everybody and their budget, while also highlighting the unjust systems at play in the fashion industry.

We encourage our readers to shop mindfully and purposefully, ditching impulse purchases as a way to start shopping sustainably. If you want to learn more about fast fashion, we recommend books from this reading list.

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