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If You Love H&M, These Sustainable Brands Will Be Right Up Your Street

You'll wish you'd heard of them sooner.

Last Updated on April 17, 2023

While H&M is a firm favourite for high street shoppers, their countless collections of Scandi-inspired styles come at a hidden cost to the planet (and the people that make the clothing!).

Good On You, a company that score clothing brands from 1-5 ( 1 = ‘We Avoid’ and 5 = ‘Great’) based on the impact they have on people, the planet and animals, have added H&M to their brand directory.

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To calculate their scores, Good On You Take into account a huge variety of factors, from greenhouse gas emissions to worker safety and wages.

H&M and received a 3/5 (‘It’s a Good Start’) rating, falling short on their impact on people, the planet animals. While H&M are not technically the worst clothing brand out there (*cough* SHEIN *cough*) this fast-fashion giant has got a long way to go when it comes to the sustainability and ethics across its supply chain.

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Even though H&M provides an accessible way for many people to engage with the latest trends, the very nature of H&M’s business model is unsustainable, and churning out countless collections each season will never be good for the environment.

So, if you are in the market for brands with similar styles to H&M but with the people and the planet at the core of what they do, here’s 6 sustainable brands that’ll look great on you.

Sustainable brands like H&M


Reformation France Linen Two Piece

In the sustainable fashion sphere, Reformation are pretty hard to ignore.

What started as a small vintage brand in 2009, Reformation rose to fame with their collection of pretty party dresses and mix and match pieces. The best part? Many of their items are made with low-impact materials, offcuts and repurposed vintage pieces. As well, they ensure that their garment workers are paid a living wage.


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Ilk and Ernie

Ilk and Ernie Farah Wide Legged Jumpsuit in Lilac

If you’re a fan of how Harry Styles dresses, you’re going to LOVE Ilk and Ernie and their playful prints. This Brighton-based clothing brand release two collections a year made entirely from dead-stock fabric. The perfect place to shop if you’re after a whimsical addition to your wardrobe!


Before July

Before July The Lana Dress

Small biz? Tick. Handmade to order? Tick. Uses dead-stock material and offcuts? Tick!

As seen in British Vogue, Elle and Who What Wear, Before July has been making waves in the sustainable fashion community with a range of feminine, timeless pieces that’d look amazing worn now, or in ten years time.


Ninety Percent

Ninety Percent The Luna Dress

If you haven’t heard of Ninety Percent, get a load of this…

A whopping 90% of their distributable profits are split between the people that make their collections happen and five charitable causes close to the founders hearts. Amazing, right?

Oh, and organic materials, quality designs and the wellbeing of their workers are right at the top of their priority list when designing collections.


Mother of Pearl Ellen Champagne Dress

Meet Mother of Pearl, a sustainable fashion brand that just oozes luxury. As seen in high-end retailers such as Harrods, Net-a-Porter and Saks Fifth Avenue, it’s no surprise that this brand takes the quality of their products verrry seriously – all without compromising on ethics, or social responsibility.


Aff and Jam

Aff and Jam Pink Ting Shirt

Aff and Jam is the celebration of the two founder’s African/Jamaican roots, as well of their love of art, music and culture. Stocking everything from handprinted vintage bags and trenches to shirts and accessories, it’s a slow fashion lovers dream.

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