This Forgotten British Brand Has Seriously Levelled Up

You've got to see these new arrivals.

I spend pretty much every waking hour looking at clothes, and after a while, it all becomes a little bit monotanous.

Don’t get me wrong, I love what I do – but when you stare at fashion all day long, all of those floral dresses start blending into one.

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When you come across a decent fashion brand, whether it’s designer or high street, you notice.

Black woman wears leather blazer and mini skirt from jigsaw and lies on a baroque sofa

Jigsaw has been around for a long time. Founded in 1970 by John Robinson, it’s primary goal was too bring luxury fashion to the high street, and while it slipped off the radar for some time, it’s well and truly making a comeback.

Robinson took his inspiration from Japanese designers like Comme de Garcon and Issey Mikaye, and while it’s still clear to see, the brand has been brought into the modern day.

Sleek silhouettes and fabrics characterise Jigsaw today, but now there’s a splash of colour. Expect to see luxe fabrics like Merino wool, cashmere, suede, velvet and silk, which give it all the elements of a luxe label but at a more affordable price. In fact, some pieces resemble Ganni, which is no bad thing.

I can’t wait any longer to show you my favourite pieces. Below, you’ll find my top picks.

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Shop Jigsaw

Patent Hatton Trouser

Patent Hatton Trouser, £220 – buy now

Roll Neck Reversible Jumper jigsaw

Roll Neck Reversible Jumper, £145 – buy now

Merino Cashmere Longline Tunic jigsaw

Merino Cashmere Longline Tunic, £155 – buy now

Denbigh Studded Leather Bag jigsaw

Denbigh Studded Leather Bag, £140 – buy now

Italian Wool Belted Overcoat jigsaw

Italian Wool Belted Overcoat, £450 – buy now

Collagerie Leather Ankle Boot jigsaw

Collagerie Leather Ankle Boot, £200 – buy now

Hammered Satin Sash Dress jigsaw

Hammered Satin Sash Dress, £225 – buy now

Collagerie Cotton Shirt jigsaw

Collagerie Cotton Shirt, £145 – buy now

Madeley Knee High Leather Boot jigsaw

Madeley Knee High Leather Boot, £250 – buy now

Sequin Midi Skirt jigsaw

Sequin Midi Skirt, £175 – buy now

Felted Lambswool Multi Scarf jigsaw

Felted Lambswool Multi Scarf, £80 – buy now